Employer insights

Tips for having Difficult Conversations…Remotely

With the world of business always evolving it is inevitable that there will be times or situations that arise where a difficult conversation will be required; whether it be covering off productivity (or lack of), results, behaviour or constructive...


Job hunting tips

Let’s get LinkedIn Official

Known as the virtual CV, LinkedIn can play a vital part in your professional life. Listed below are some tips to ensure that you are showcasing your abilities online for all the right reasons. Posi...


Employer insights

Attracting Talent Post COVID-19

​Attracting Talent Post-COVID – Standing Out Against Your Legal Competitors There is no doubt that COVID will change the way businesses engage new talent and how job seekers approach their search (...


Career advice

Are You Redesigning Your Business as Usual?

We were excited to welcome Kate Christie back to present to our community on how the rules around productivity have changed as well as how to design your BAU Version 2. Kate also stepped us through...


Employer insights

Waving Goodbye at the End of Every Video Call

Who else has found themselves waving goodbye at the end of every video call? Well you’re not alone. For one, I have done it and many times in fact. It started with team calls when I was mirroring c...


Employer insights

Impressions of the Legal Market - July 2020

Legal firms have been reporting that across most areas of Law, apart from transactional areas such as Corporate/Commercial and Banking and Finance, that their teams are busy and have continued to b...


Employer insights

How Attractive Is Your Business Compared to Jobkeeper?

We’ve all heard the stories – during this global health and economic crisis, the number of career seekers looking for work is growing by the day, in an already competitive market. However, despite ...


Job hunting tips

Are Face to Face Interviews Extinct?

Despite common concerns of online interviews being awkward and glitches aplenty, will we have no choice but to embrace remote hiring? Some may question whether incorporating technology into the rec...


Employer insights

What Will the ‘New’ Work Week Look Like?

Prior to COVID-19 there was a debate happening in the market around flexible working options – some companies were onboard and offering it to their employees, while there were a few that just felt ...


Employer insights

Would You Walk Away From a Job for Jobseeker?

Controversially in an open discussion with one of our people2people consultants in Queensland, it was suggested that, in the middle of the biggest disruptions to the employment market, people were ...

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