Employer insights

Interview with a leader – Kim Padmore, WA Director

In light of everything happening in the world today, it’s even more important to celebrate successes and strong leaders inside our businesses. With this in mind, and having recently celebrated International Women’s Day, we interviewed our WA Direc...


Career advice

What Are Enterprise Skills and Why Do You Need Them

Working in the recruitment industry, I am constantly meeting people in the job market looking to find their next “dream job”. It is evident in the very early stages of an interview which candidates...


Job seeker tips

A Poetry Tribute: Happiness at Work

Did you know tomorrow is the International Day of Happiness? When I wrote this poem a few weeks back, who would have thought we’d be where we are right now? The International Day of Happiness is ce...


Employer insights

Interview Blog - Catherine Kennedy, NSW Director

We are very proud of our team at people2people. And we are very proud, that in an era where there is ongoing discussion about diversity of boards, we tick most of the diversity boxes. Gender is one...


Expert series

Coronavirus In The Workplace – What Do Employers Do?

The Coronavirus has impacted a number of clients in various fields that rely upon travel, business in Asia, retail and manufacturing. We have had a number of clients asking for guidance as to what ...


Employer insights

Making Your Workplace More LGBTQIA+ Friendly

My work in recruitment has exposed me to some blatant discrimination experienced by LGBTQIA+ identifying candidates. Whilst the law prohibits this, I have seen these individuals dismissed and overl...


Job hunting tips

How to Start Your Residential Real Estate Career

So, you have decided on a career in residential real estate. You are a great communicator, super organised, have an amazing attention to detail, and you love property. You dream of selling multi-mi...


Employer insights

International Women's Day - Eight Lessons from Eight Women

Like many other industries and jobs, the Recruitment sector can be challenging and unpredictable. Yet, throughout my career as Marketing Specialist at people2people, I have worked with many influen...


Job hunting tips

Are Years of Experience a True Measure When Applying for a New Job

My partner was thinking of moving on from his current role and in true fashion, he came to me to have a chat about being a job seeker, editing his CV and applying for roles (not that he ever listen...


Job hunting tips

Okay Australia, I’m Here to Work – Please Call Me

Just arrived on a Working Holiday Visa and wondering why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook? First things first……… have you updated your resume with an Australian number? No matter how good your...

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