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Job hunting

Should You Leave Your Job Before Having a New One?

No doubt, you will have received an abundance of advice about whether this is the right thing to do. Should you leave a permanent job, before having another lined up to start? I have listed some points both for and against this line of action, for...



Does Pineapple Belong on Pizza?

This has been a heated controversial topic for many over social media these past few years. We all have our different opinions, but what is the real issue? Is it the fact that it’s a fruit? Is it t...



Why I Returned to people2people

Perth is a little ol’, isolated city…so I always knew I wanted to broaden my experience by living and working away. The stars aligned and an opportunity arose for me to move to Sydney in 2012, when...



Who Are YOU in The Zoo?

There’s one of a kind in every team. The serious ‘nerdy” type, the office clown, the introvert, the expert and even the occasional Trekkie! Everyone is talented and contributes to your team and the...



Do You Really Need to Hire Another Employee?

Many companies can fall into the trap of believing that growth (and therefore an ever-growing workforce) is the only way to achieve business success. Too often, candidates are placed into a role by...



Hey, Wanna Buy Some Time?

Your boss walks into your office and asks “are you busy?” If you answer no, they may wonder why not and if you answer yes, it may appear you don’t have time for them. And it doesn’t have to be your...



Beware of Cash in Hand!

‘HC Driver Wanted’ (weekends) Western Sydney Looking for a driver to fill in on some weekends, paying cash. Very easy work, a ten minute drive running back and forth all day (shuttle work). Fork on...


Job hunting

How to Ask for More Time Before Accepting a Job Offer

Sometimes a recruitment process goes quickly and easily, where from go to woe it’s two weeks. Other times, the process can drag on, with several interviews, psych testing and background checks. It’...



6 Tips for Your Next Networking Event

I’ve had the opportunity to attend a number of networking events recently. Whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many different people, and making new connections, it did remind me of how dau...



The Rise of RPO

Recruitment Process Outsourcing The recruitment industry is ever evolving and employers are placing a strong emphasis on employee attraction & engagement. Outsourcing has long been a ‘go to’ soluti...

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