Career advice

Are You the Right Boss for Me?

It’s often said that people don’t leave their organisation, they leave their manager. So, if you’re ready to change roles, how do you know your next manager will be a good fit for you? When we are looking for a potential, suitable, partner to shar...


Career advice

Purely Part-Time - Is That Even a Thing?

Recently, I’m proud to say, I was awarded the ‘Top Temp Biller of the Year’ from my agency. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be recognised for the work that has been done and it is even more specia...


Expert series

Supporting Colleagues Dealing with Grief and Trauma

On a Thursday, thirteen years ago, I was reading our daughter's weekly primary school newsletter. The newsletter written by the Principal opened with a Maya Angelou quote. "I've learned people will...


Job hunting tips

Oh, It’s All in My Resume

A former colleague of mine notably said, “anyone can say that they walked on the moon, but if you don’t tell me about what it was actually like, I’m not going to believe you!” This is something tha...


Employer insights

The Benefits of Hiring Older Workers

Statistics speak for themselves: By 2031, one in every five Kiwis will be 65+ years old. One in seven Australians are currently aged 65 or over. And as the baby-boomer generation ages, there will b...


Job hunting tips

The Top 5 Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Discover the top 5 most desirable employee benefits Getting paid has traditionally been the main reason for going to work, however, in recent years, employees and job seekers are looking at what be...


Career advice

10 Big Ideas For 2020

Another year just flew by, and as we gear up for the year ahead, it is a good time to reflect on what happened in the last decade and what is yet to come. So here we are, guys! Here is my take on t...


Employer insights

Can You Please Organise the Morning Tea Catering

Unless you’re an experienced event manager, these words may fill you with dread. With all the new diets, lifestyles and allergies around today, catering for the modern workplace morning tea is no l...


Employer insights

Put Down Your Phone! Let Your People Get on With Their Job!

Remember when video killed the radio star? OK, so you’re not old enough to remember that one, but the point is, new technology / behavioural change has a way of killing off what came before. Often ...


Job hunting tips

12 Tips to Kick-Start Your Job Search

Are you kick-starting your job search this year? 2020 as a special ring to it! This could be the year where you make the move to bigger and better things. To get started, I’ve prepared a list of pr...

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