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Accounting Job Seekers: Is It All About Hard Skills?

For a number of job seekers and employees within the accounting job market, there is always a focus on their hard skills. Whether that’s being CA/CPA qualified, obtaining an undergraduate degree/TAFE Qualification, or even the systems experience t...



Why Do You Love Your Job?

Romantic Relationships vs Your Job The relationship with your job is a bit like a romantic relationship. In the honeymoon period, it’s all rosy and exciting; you love everything about it. But somet...



How to Get a Job in Australia with a Working Holiday Visa

As I am working in recruitment and have a working holiday visa (WHV), I am often asked: How easy is it to get a job in Australia? Many people think that being on a WHV means that you are restricted...



Why Do People Eat (A Lot Of!) Dumplings for Chinese New Year?

Dumplings... One of the most traditional but representative foods in China is now widely known to the world. They are also indispensable for the Chinese (Lunar) New Year AKA Spring Festival. The re...



5 Valuable Skills for Success in the Workplace

Effective time management. In the workplace, an individual has with many deadlines, orders and tasks that need to be completed at a set time. In these situations, time management skills are essenti...



How to Become a Successful Recruiter

Recruiters are viewed as salespeople, as you're selling your candidate to your client or selling your client to your candidate. But recruiters are much more than that – really getting to know the b...



Personal Development Is Necessary for Professional Development

Personal development requires a constant reflection and questioning of ourselves. Who are we? How do we relate to others? Are our ideas about ourselves? All of which requires constant revision thro...



How to Attract Top Performing Legal Assistants in Perth

When our Legal candidates come and register with people2people for a new career opportunity, there are a few common themes amongst Legal Assistants and what their pull factors are. The role of the ...



Throwback to the 2018 Recruitment International Awards

2018 was a great year! In April, we attended the Recruitment International Awards. Among 300 recruiters and 100 recruitment companies judged by local and international leaders from the recruitment ...


Human resource

Work from Home. Is That a Thing for 2019?

Flexible working arrangements are continuing to be a priority for employees when selecting an organisation to work with as well as a selling point for employers to attract and retain new staff. In ...

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