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Cheers to Eleven Years!

11 years ago (2007), bright eyed and bushy tailed; I entered the weird and wonderful world of recruitment with people2people in Sydney. At that time, people2people was in its third year of operations and we were still small enough to sit around a ...


Job hunting

13 Reasons Why…You Didn’t Get the Job

One of the biggest mysteries to job applicants is why they didn’t get the job. Most rejection letters are generic and don’t provide any detail and it can be hard to get feedback from employers or r...


Job hunting

Which Bachelor Contestant are You?

Applying for a job is like being on the Bachelor. Seriously. It’s you in a bedazzled dress vs 24 other bedazzled applicants pulling out all the stops to try and get picked first. But the good thing...



Mistakes You Make With Temps - Part 2

You think that Temp to Perm is a safe way to ‘try before you buy’ We often encourage hiring managers who are a little ambivalent about an applicant to consider engaging them on a temporary basis, i...



Mistakes You Make With Temps - Part 1

There has been long held and mostly mistaken ideas about hiring temporary staff in Australia. Recently there has been a bit of media reporting around the underpayment of staff in the hospitality in...



Do you Have a Mentor?

I often advise the people I meet who are looking to advance their careers (or get their careers back on track), to get a mentor. I have been very fortunate in my career to have been supported by so...



If it Sounds Too Good to Be True...

I am not being a Grinch and I am well aware that good things do happen e.g. people do win the lottery, secure ideal jobs, meet their soulmates etc, etc. BUT these events are not daily occurrences a...


Job hunting

How to prepare for your next move as a Legal Secretary

Specialising in Legal Support recruitment, I meet with job seekers every day, who are seeking a career move for a number of different reasons. Some of these include, larger, more prestigious firms,...



Tips for Managing Your Resignation

So you’ve successfully made it through the recruitment process and received an offer that you’re happy with, all that is left to do is to resign. Depending on your situation, this may be something ...


Job hunting

Why Did You Leave That Job?

"One reason I shall reveal however is that working two days a week didn't give me enough time to devote to the pub and re-reading the complete works of Shakespeare. So now that I work zero days tha...

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