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How to Get the Most Out of Your Recruitment Consultant

I find myself reflecting, how is it that I have had enormous success (recruited whole teams with exclusivity for every role) with some of the clients and a limited success with others. Clients who ‘tick’ all of the boxes below are the ones that I ...



Can I Give a Temp a Bonus or an Award?

Yes. Yes, you can. You can offer to pay a “one-off” bonus for exceptional performance by simply requesting that the consultant pay it to the temp and charge it to you. Or you can offer to pay a bon...


Job hunting

What You Should Look for When Choosing Your Recruiter

Let’s be honest, the recruitment industry is filled with a lot of transactional recruiters. This is often the result of clients putting us in situations where we have to compete based on speed rath...



Why I Love My Job

People management is a hard yet rewarding gig. The many variables that come into play when you are working with an intangible product (that being people), creates a constant challenge. Throw in an ...



Why You Should Hire & Fire Based on Values

In today’s corporate world there is a lot of talk about company values. Both big business and SME’s are investing sizeable amounts of cash as well as time, into projects to define their company val...



A Push-Up a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

With summer just around the corner, I felt it was time to write a blog around fitness and how important it is within an office environment. Soon I’ll be undertaking a course as a Group Fitness inst...


Job hunting

The Importance of Marketing Candidates Marketing Themselves

Many of the marketing candidates I speak with consider themselves branding experts and marketing strategists – but when it comes to their job search, they fail to see the comparison. The recruitmen...


Honour awards 2018

Why people2people is Sponsoring the ACON Honour Awards?

It was a bright and quite crisp Sunday morning and the digital marketing manager of ACON, Reg, an old friend had invited me to brunch and coffee. It was very Surry Hills of him. What I was unaware ...



What Not to Say to a Chatbot

A chatbot is that little pop up that mostly sits at the right-hand side of a web page and offers to help. Sometimes these chatbots are actually real people, but more often than not, they are automa...



Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until January to Hire Sales Professionals!

Over the last two years, I have noticed a slight change in hiring activity in the last quarter of the year. When I first started my career in recruitment it was clear that hiring started to slow do...

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