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Can an Employer ask me to Work for Free?

This morning, on the way to work, I read a story on Facebook (and you know if it’s on Facebook it must be true) about a young woman in New Zealand (I am allowed to reference NZ in my blogs now because it appears so many Aussies have dual citizensh...



6 Top Tips for The Perfect Sales Call!

Marketing hour, sales calls, prospecting and cold calls. Even if you’re highly experienced in your industry, it can sometimes be daunting to make a sales call. Nevertheless, if you’re in a sales ba...


Job hunting

Don't Put Off Good People by Asking Them The Wrong Questions!

What do you do when you attend an interview and the interviewer asks you really helpful questions such as.... “If you had a project with a serious deadline and your child’s school called to say tha...



Why Are You REALLY Looking to Leave?

If you’re looking for a new job and you take the step of heading to an interview with a recruiter, then there’s definitely a reason (or many) for why you’re looking to leave your current position. ...



Are You Busy?

Busy. I cringe when I hear that word. Everyone seems to be ‘busy’ these days and they seem to glorify it. For some reason, society has reached the stage where how busy you are seems to reflect succ...



Location, Location, Location!!!

As a recruiter, one thing that we always question is, what locations you are happy to travel to when it comes to finding the right job? Understandably, we want to ensure that we are calling you abo...


Job hunting

Chasing your Consultant

Working in recruitment for nearly 3 years has taught me many things. It’s taught me about businesses across Sydney, sales negotiations, hiring trends, job specialisations, the meaning of culture in...



I am SO Emotional!

Humans have emotions and sometimes as humans, we sometimes have emotional responses at work. ​Outside of my working day, I am quite an emotional person. I am known to shed a tear at the drop of a h...



Social Media Policies, Defamation and Freedom of Speech

Good old freedom of speech. It’s become a mine field of extremism in recent times. Terrible things get said in the name of freedom of speech sometimes and social media has made it ‘oh so easy’ to l...



The Whistle Has Blown for 2017!

So here we are at the pointy end of the 2017 AFL season. In 2017, we saw the phenomenal success of the inaugural women’s AFL comp and enjoyed competing against over 400 of you, in people2people’s w...

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