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Coronavirus In The Workplace – What Do Employers Do?

The Coronavirus has impacted a number of clients in various fields that rely upon travel, business in Asia, retail and manufacturing. We have had a number of clients asking for guidance as to what to do in these troubled times. The question needs ...


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Supporting Colleagues Dealing with Grief and Trauma

On a Thursday, thirteen years ago, I was reading our daughter's weekly primary school newsletter. The newsletter written by the Principal opened with a Maya Angelou quote. "I've learned people will...


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Making Great First Impressions

It takes as little as two seconds to form an impression of someone you meet for the first time. Across several studies, participants were asked to give their impressions of teachers based on record...


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Top 10 Driving Tips for Safer Holiday Driving

I would really like for your driving holiday to be enjoyable and not filled with tragedy. Here are my best tips for not only surviving the drive but also enjoying it. 1. Plan your driving holiday w...


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Building Resilience

Building Resilience, by Abby Jandro from Serendis. "In 2014, I had my first miscarriage. It was a devastating event for me that represented a loss of possibility, broke my belief in my body and sha...


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When Burnout Bites Try Self-care

How often have you been asked by a concerned colleague if you “have been taking care of yourself”? You probably answered that question with an emphatic “yes”. But what if they asked a different que...


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RUOK day has a really important message about checking in with your family, friends and work colleagues, but sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves “Am I OK?” Sometimes we...

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