Christina Sclavos


Manager, Sydney

Upon completion of her Bachelor of Business, Christina joined the recruitment industry with people2people in 2011. With a focus on permanent recruitment solutions, Christina has built a strong network of candidates and clients across the HR, Executive and Customer Service markets. Throughout her career, Christina has worked closely with a number of consultants, mentoring and helping shape their careers. Her passion for training and coaching has continued to grow and she is now responsible not only for p2p’s HR and Executive recruitment portfolio but also leads the people2people Sydney team.


Jen, Event Manager
8th April 2017

Christina went above and beyond. She genuinely cared and was excited when I got the role. She was delighted to be able to tell me the news herself. I cannot give her high enough praise.

Mark, Customer Service Manager
10th April 2017

I was really impressed with Christina. She’d clearly read my paperwork and was across the brief of the role I applied for. She has kept me updated and has been professional and proactive at every step.

Anne, Human Resources
7th May 2015

Christina is always helpful and keeps me informed of progress, provides feedback quickly.

Sameera, Human Resources Manager
1st March 2016

Christina was professional, experienced and knowledgable. It is so important for a recruiter to understand the urgency but also be honest with the time frame. Christina helped us as soon as we asked and I would highly recommend her.