Brooke McKay


Senior Consultant, Temporary Recruitment Services

After graduating from the University of Western Sydney with a BA, Brooke travelled extensively before commencing her recruitment career in 2000. She has worked in both Sydney and London, developing a strong understanding of the office and business support services market. She has considerable experience recruiting temporary, contract and permanent talent within industries such as property, professional services, finance and FMCG. Having previously worked with Brooke, people2people were delighted to welcome her to the contracting team as a senior consultant.


23rd January 2019

Brooke worked hard to provide quality candidates in a very short time!

18th August 2017

I received very practical information regarding my cv and how to better present my experience. I followed Brooke's advice and have earned two job offers! Fantastic! 

25th August 2016

If we were to come to people 2 people for this role, it would be because you and I have worked together for over 15 years, you have extensive  experience of what I look for in a candidate and I trust your judgement because you’ve proved how sound it is time and time again.

19th August 2016

Brooke was great – as soon as I described the role, she already had a potential candidate scoped out and was able to confirm very shortly after that Shannon would be able to join us temporarily, plus suggested Shannon come in earlier for a handover. Brooke has also been proactive in providing advice on hours to be worked, to our advantage.

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