What we offer

Training opportunities, flexible working, 'dress for your market', career growth... We value our people and work with them to support their professional development.


For some companies, their values are just words on a page, posted to a wall because a company has to have values, right? We don’t just pay lip service to our values. We live them. Our values guide and shape us and keep us accountable. They
influence everything we do, including how we interact with fellow staff, candidates and companies. Our values are the bedrock of our success and underpin our goal of becoming the recruiter of choice in Australasia.

what we offer benefits

We’re tough. Mentally resilient. Resolute. When the pressure is on, we take it in our stride. We rise to the occasion. We double down. For us, every day is a new opportunity to shine. To be our best. To do right by our clients, career seekers, and each other, every time.


We share information sharers. We pool our knowledge and
experience. We challenge and encourage one another to go that extra mile, to leave no stone unturned.


Every interaction, every day, is an opportunity to live our brand values, simply by showing respect. This is why we return every phone call and give honest, constructive feedback. It’s why we always listen to other perspectives and opinions.


Our word is our word. We say what we mean. And we do what we say. Our integrity and honesty underpins everything we do. It provides one of the most important foundations of our business. The key to our success.


We are driven to be our best, to do what it takes to succeed. And win. We always remain focused on our goals and ambitions and won’t rest until we achieve them. We persist, against all odds, no matter what obstacles we have to overcome.


In today’s rapidly changing world, sometimes it’s better to find new, more innovative ways of doing things. To be enterprising, resourceful and creative. To work smarter. We refuse to be constrained by left brain thinking and always try to think outside the square.


Doing right by people, always, starts with our people. We are
always looking for new ways to show we value and appreciate them. We offer:

  • Flexible working
    Flexible working

    We’re all about outcomes, so flexible start and finish times along with working from home is A-OK by us.

  • Health & Wellness Allowance
    Health & Wellness Allowance

    You can spend up to $200 on any activity that supports your wellbeing

  • Charitable acts
    Charitable acts

    Take one day each year to support the charity or community of your choice

  • p2p Care Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
    p2p Care Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

    Free and confidential advice and counselling when you need it

  • Discounted gym memberships
    Discounted gym memberships

    ​A healthy lifestyle means a happy life.