Contractor Management Outsourcing (CMO)


CMO is a streamlined process, from onboarding, payment, compliance and management of all contractors and a company's contingent temporary workforce. 

Do you have multiple suppliers of casuals and contractors and not sure if they are all compliant with employment legislation? Are your suppliers consistent with their reporting?

We are associated with industry and legislative changes and members of the essential industry bodies in Australia (NTAA, AIG, Australian Payroll Associations, RCSA, TAPS)

  • Contractor management; engagement, compliance, training & payroll
  • Risk Management; streamlined contracts, corporate compliance, payment of statutory charges and insurances, diligent reporting, streamlined contracts
  • Reduced Costs and administration – payment of agency margins, 1 invoice from 1 provider

how does contractor management outsourcing work?

  • Contractor Sourced- by employer or via partner agency
  • Contractor engaged, inducted & on-boarded by CMO (people2people HR Solutions)
  • Contractor inducted into organisation by employer
  • Ongoing post placement support by CMO (people2people HR Solutions) for contractor
  • Streamlined invoicing and reduction in costs and administration time for employer

benefits of CMO?

The simplicity of streamlined processes at a reduced cost and the peace of mind of knowing that all contracts and contractors are contractually conform, will be the greatest benefit and therefore at minimal risk. All payroll issues are centralised and payment of all statutory charges and insurances are compliant by state. All supplier agencies receive their payment and reports consistently reducing administration – 1 invoice from 1 provider.

people2people HR Solutions provides diligent reporting with contractor management and engagement ensuring a complete optimisation of contingent workforce.

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