Suchitra Kaushik


consultant, temporary specialist recruitment

Suchitra graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Sociology & Anthropology) in 2016. She joined people2people in 2017 and supports the senior recruitment consultants in the temporary specialist recruitment team, sourcing the best available talent, fast. 


11th March 2019

The best agency I have used, quick and efficient and always communicating and keeping you in the loop.

16th October 2018

Suchi really helped me a lot and found me a job very quickly, she was great! 

31st August 2018

I am very impressed by the teamwork at P2P to get me the job that I wanted. I want to make a special note that it was lovely working with Suchitra Kaushik who ran the checks and managed everything to get me the position at Pet Barn. She was very prompt with everything and I was particularly impressed with the regular updates I got from her in regards to what's happening with my progress at Pet Barn. I would like to thank P2P and specifically Suchitra Kaushik for helping me get the position I got. 

16th August 2017

Very professional, a good listener and made me feel very comfortable during the interview.