Siobhan Reynolds


Consultant, Temporary Specialist Recruitment

After gaining valuable experience as a Retail Manager for the Just Group and studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in HR at Central Queensland University, Siobhan joined the people2people Brisbane team as a graduate recruitment consultant in temporary business support. She is looking forward to establishing herself in the Brisbane market and growing her network further.



7th September 2017

Siobhan was fantastic and loved her add for the temp role! She went above and beyond to help me get temp work very quickly! She has kept in touch right from the word go and made sure I was ok on my first day by calling me!

18th August 2017

Siobhan was a particularly professional and kind consultant, she was a real people person, and put me at my ease. I believed she was trustworthy.

13th July 2017

She is very professionaland understanding of my needs. She helped me understand and differentiate between different positions.

23th May 2017

Excellent. Worked quickly to find the right candidate.


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