Matt Turner

Matt Turner

Relationship Manager, Accounting and Sales

tel: +64 9 869 6251
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A Relationship Manager focusing on Frog’s sales and marketing expertise, Matt is aptly described as a hands-on, realistic and ‘tuned-in’ expert. He advises, orchestrates and manages the gamut of permanent talent requirements for a myriad of employers with a gusto and enthusiasm that is infectious.

Having 6 years’ experience managing a large indoor climbing business, Matt’s natural flare for sales meshed with his expertise in customer service and ‘all things people’, led him to join Frog Recruitment in 2019. “I joined Frog for two reasons,” says Matt. “One was the need to be immersed in an innovative culture that insists on new thinking. And the second was because of Frog’s ethos towards both customer groups which I so completely agree with.” A natural adventurer, when Matt’s not at work, you will find him in a national park photographing birds, hiking in Coromandel or snowboarding on New Zealand’s slopes. His next big challenge? Sky diving in Taupo!

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