Kirsty Henegan


Consultant Legal and Office Support

Kirsty graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She started her career in recruitment in the UK before moving to New Zealand and joining people2people’s Auckland office in 2018.  Kirsty is actively recruiting for legal roles in the Auckland region. 


25th September 2019

Great recruitment consultant, very engaged, highly competent and enjoy working with her. Great service. Candidates have both been extremely capable and good culture fit with me and the organisation. 

18th April 2019

Kirsty is the most friendliest, helpful and caring person I have ever met. Her work ethic is outstanding, she kept me in the loop at ALL times. She phoned me before and after each interview. She explained everything to the finest detail. It was a pleasure to deal with her. She is an absolute super star! In less than a week she arranged my interviews and I received my job offer. You are the best! Thank you, Kirsty!

25th December 2018

Kirsty is overall the best consultant I have worked with. She is super easy to talk to and she was so quick to secure a job interview for me with the client. She assisted me every step of the way, she also explained other jobs if I am interested in applying so that I would have options if the first one does not work out for me. She understands what I’m looking for and she is someone that will push for me because she believes in me and my skills. That is a rare quality to find in people. She is someone that will not stop until she puts her candidates in their right roles. Kirsty is great at her work and I am fortunate that she picked up my CV and we have worked well so far.

12th December 2018

Very welcoming and easy to speak with. She made me feel like I was in confident hands and that there were opportunities out there that she would definitely actively pursue for me. A good experience.

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