Francesca Arcuri


Manager, Major Accounts

Completing formal marketing qualifications from the Institute of Technology, Francesca joined the recruitment industry in the late 1980s after five years in a product marketing role within the FMCG industry. After managing a substantial accounting recruitment business in Chatswood for an international organisation, she then transferred her skills into the business support sector and continued to grow her clientele. In 1998, Francesca moved to Melbourne to further develop her career for three years before leaping into motherhood and moved to live in Italy and also worked in London. Francesca returned to Australia in 2009, and, having worked with and known the people2people directors since 1994, she re-joined them to develop clients in the northern suburbs, where she managed a team of experienced specialist consultants in the Chatswood office. Francesca is now in our HR Solutions team, managing RPO, CMO and major accounts for people2people.


20th November 2017

I found Francesca Arcuri to be a pleasure to deal with, she was easy to talk. 

10th February 2018

Very professional and courteous.