Ellen Panayi


Recruitment Consultant

Ellen graduated from The University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Theatre Studies and Communications & Media. In addition to completing her Master in Education at The University of New South Wales, Ellen has experiential knowledge within Education.

Whilst completing her studies, Ellen has experience within customer service and sales where she has developed strong interpersonal skills, communicative strategies, and experience in stakeholder engagement. Ellen joined the people2people team in 2018 specialising in NSW Government recruitment. 


21st November 2019

Provide good candidates efficient and always follow process.

10th September 2019

Ellen Panayi is the consultant who has been in touch with me. She has been extremely helpful and has made efforts to share my details with her peers. I have not obtained any employment via People2People at this stage but, I am really thankful to Ellen's proactive behavior and her assistance to work around my requirements/ restrictions. She has always made sure to keep in the loop and kept me advised about the application process or status and it is extremely helpful for a candidate while looking for jobs because it can be stressful and an anxious process but just a word from the recruiter sometimes is helpful to maintain calm and keep trying. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. If it has been great for me I am sure it will be fantastic for others.

8th August 2019

Well presented, personable and attentive. Great meeting, really felt that my needs were understood and expectations were realistic and achievable! Thank you! 

8th March 2019

Excellent and very approachable.