Claire Booth


Consultant, Legal Support

Claire’s professional background originates from financial services, accounting and sales sectors in the UK. Claire moved to Sydney in August 2015, with a desire to utilise her skills and pursue a career in recruitment. Claire specialises in the recruitment of temporary legal support roles for a variety of national and international law firms.


6th January 2018

I was impressed by Claire in that before she had met me she had obviously taken the time to thoroughly review my CV and identify me for a role - which I started just before Christmas and thrilled as it feels like a great match. Many consultants are not always able to identify a match so early on in the process so I was impressed by Claire. For me the process was quick and streamlined - in the space of one week I had an initial consultation with people2people, 1st and 2nd interviews with the prospective employer and then a job offer!

15th January 2018

Claire was very nice and professional during the interview, she asked appropriate questions and had an answer for every question on my side. She still is supportive and stays in touch.

12th May 2017

Claire is a fantastic and friendly person to deal with. I would recommend her to all my friends and associates. Your business is better having her as an employee 

20th March 2017

I had a wonderful first time experience with a recruiter. Claire and Nicola were so helpful and assisted us with the placement of great candidate within one day of our enquiry. I am very thankful to Claire for her thorough and prompt assistance.