Alex Watanabe


Senior Consultant, b sc(psych)

Alex’s recruitment industry experience spans twelve years in both Brisbane and South American markets, the last five focused on accounting and administration recruitment. Her career is a combination of executive search/accounting recruitment with extensive knowledge in accounting & finance roles and senior management positions in a variety of sectors (construction, mining, energy, engineering, banking and finance, automotive, consumer products). Alex is our ‘resource front’, providing internal support to the Queensland p2p team. ​


20th February 2017

Very professional and helpful.

28th February 2017

Alex Watanabe is very approachable and a jolly person. I became quite comfortable during the interview. She possesses a genuine smile and very eager to help me get back into the workforce soon. Alex understands my concerns and does not fail to give me feedback each time.

29th August 2017

Alex was indeed helpful and showed that she would do all she can to assist in the job search. She explained the details and needs of the role which helped me make a better decision. 

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