Aalia Sipos


Candidate Manager

Aalia joined people2people’s Sydney based office in the October 2018 as the candidate manager of the temporary accounting team. Aalia role is to support the director and contact accounting specialist by sourcing top quality accounting talent. Aalia recently completed her degree in counselling, entering the world of recruitment shortly after. Aalia prides herself on establishing strong connections with candidates and ensuring they have a great experience within the p2p accounting team. 


7th September 2019

I was impressed with Aalia and delighted to be offered a work opportunity. Aalia appreciated my situation with a very long commute to the city, worked with me and it was a sheer delight to have a recruiter that shows genuine interest and is responsive. I am very happy I engaged with People2People and Aalia - thank you for your service standards. Way above my experience with other recruitment firms.

3rd June 2019

Aalia was very professional and welcoming, she took the time to understand what my experience was and how it impacted what I had to offer. Based on that she gave me a good assessment of the market and how people2people would be able to help. I was very happy with Aalia.

23rd May 2019

Professional, on the ball and helpful. Aalia Sipos and Bianca Luck have wonderful people skills and processes. 

25th March 2019

I found Aalia Sapios very amiable and experienced. She knows exactly how to deal with the client, making them feel confident and positive.