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Hey Recruiters, Don’t Be Afraid of Reviews

I am old enough to remember the days when the way you selected a restaurant to eat at you walked down the high street and read the menu in the window and casually checked how many people were sitting down inside. It was also possible that friends ...



I only meet agencies when I am recruiting...really?!

If I have heard this once, I have heard it 1000 times in my 25 year recruitment career. “I only meet agencies when I am recruiting, not before”. One of the best indicators of success when recruitin...



10 Things I Learned from the Savage Sprint

I have worked with Greg Savage for too many years! Greg hired me into the recruitment industry in January 1994 and more recently he was a founding member of people2people with me, along with Manda ...



3 Tips on How to Find a Great Salesperson

It doesn’t matter whether you have a product, a service or an online platform, you need sales professionals to develop your business and retain your current client base. In a time where there are m...



Ageism in Recruitment – Is It a Real Thing?

I read this article today with some interest, because I have had a number of comments from ‘older’ job seekers on other blogs I have written, bemoaning how difficult it is for them to find work, an...



Mature Age Job Seekers

people2people’s 2017 Market Survey Report, our people2people Post is now available. The p2p Post is a comprehensive research document which covers market and salary information for Australia’s East...



Five Reasons Why a High Performer Would Work for You

The competition for talent is now very strong in some markets, so what can you do to make yourself standout as an employer? What attracts one person to work with one company, can be very different ...



Hiring for Cultural Fit

What is cultural fit? You’ve probably heard the word thrown around numerous times, but do you know what is actually means? According to the Business Dictionary, organisational culture is defined as...



Why should HR practitioners spend time responding to those applicants who do not qualify?

I have worked in internal HR and I know just how hard it is for good HR staff to gain traction with line managers in their business. People can see you as ‘fluff’ and ‘airy-fairy’ and basically be ...



Know your rights! 7 Illegal Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview is stressful, there are hundreds upon thousands of questions that you could be asked, and usually there isn't too much time to prepare. Although knowing what your intervi...

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