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Meet people2people: David Mclaren

Our ‘Meet people2people Series’ introduces our readers to the vibrant team which makes up people2people. Today’s interview is with David Mclaren, a consultant with our Senior Finance Recruitment team in Brisbane. Born and bred in the UK, with mult...


Meet people2people

Meet people2people: Elizabeth Punshon

Today in our Meet people2people series, we chat with Manager of Specialist Temporary Recruitment in our Melbourne office, Elizabeth Punshon After completing her BA (Psych and HR Management) in 2007...


Meet people2people

Locki's Week of Work Experience with people2people

A year 11 student from Chester Hill High School came to people2people with a load of energy. Yep, that's me. My name is Locki. people2people has taught me a lot of new and invaluable skills during ...


Meet people2people

Meet people2people: Arielle Sodowick

In this edition of Meet people2people, we're talking to Temporary Specialist Recruitment Consultant Arielle Sodowick. Arielle is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA and graduated from American Uni...

blog_img Meet people2people: Chamira Gamage

Meet people2people

Meet people2people: Chamira Gamage

You've met other members of the people2people team in our Meet people2people series, and today we're chatting with consultant Chamira Gamage. Chamira graduated from the University of New South Wale...

blog_img Jorjina's Week of Work Experience with people2people

Meet people2people

Jorjina's Week of Work Experience with people2people

My name is Jorjina, and I am a year 12 student at Fairvale High School. Up until a week ago, I did not know anything about people2people, but I do now, as this company has taught me invaluable skil...

blog_img Meet people2people: Melanie Hammond

Meet people2people

Meet people2people: Melanie Hammond

In today's installment of Meet people2people, we're speaking with Melanie Hammond, Senior Consultant, Specialist Temporary Recruitment on our Queensland team. With a Bachelor of Science (Psych) Mel...


Meet people2people

A Week of Work Experience with people2people

Some people find work experience an exciting journey where they absorb all new different kinds of skills and knowledge. However, the other group of people find work experience a nerve-wracking expe...

blog_img Meet people2people: Claire Jordan

Meet people2people

Meet people2people: Claire Jordan

In today's edition of our Meet people2people series, we sat down with one of the consultants in our Brisbane team, Claire Jordan. Specialising in the business support and accounts clerical markets,...

blog_img My Week as an Intern with people2people

Meet people2people

My Week as an Intern with people2people

My name is Phoenix Tea. I am a year 11 student in Canley Vale completing my Business Services VET course. The course requires me to complete a total 70 hours of work placement, to experience what i...

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