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What Does Your Shopping List Look Like

How often do you head to the supermarket with your shopping list in hand, telling yourself that you will not veer from that specific list? Now, how often do you leave the supermarket with products that weren’t on the list? My bet is more often tha...



Shine Bright like a Diamond

When applying for a new role – your resume is your first selling tool that a future employer/recruiter will see and read – so make sure it hits the mark and that you sell yourself on skills, experi...



How to Prepare for an Interview 101

The interview process can be a stressful and daunting experience, especially if it is your first ever interview or it has been some time since your last one. How do I stand out from the crowd? What...



3 Common Interview Questions to Expect

Behavioural questions usually begin with “give me an example of…?” They help hiring managers go beyond your resume and are designed to assess your ability to handle different situations relevant to...



How to Secure Top Talent in a Talent Short Legal Market

It is no secret that securing top quality legal support staff is becoming harder and harder. This is due to a couple of reasons: 91% of law firms are looking to develop and expand their legal suppo...



My First ‘Real’ Job

I stumbled upon the recruitment industry. It felt like it found me, in a way. I had just finished my bachelor’s degree in counselling and truly struggled with who I was in the world, what my purpos...



A Cheat Sheet to Stand out in a Competitive Market

We see hundreds of resumes every week and receive numerous calls from job seekers, so here’s a cheat sheet on what you need to do to ensure you are standing out, in a growingly competitive market. ...



Why Are Soft Skills so Important in 2019?

Gone are the days of hard skills being the only defining factors of a job seeker and the only reason they can secure a new job. In the contemporary job market, a job seeker’s soft skills are slowly...



Applied to 99 Jobs but I Ain’t Got 1

Feel like you are applying for job after job but aren’t making traction? You’re not alone! This is a common theme we are hearing in the people2people Perth office. In February 2019, the Australian ...


Job hunting

To Apply or Not to Apply?

I recently read an article where a job seeker was complaining that he had applied to over 1000 jobs and had not been successful. He went on to explain, “I apply to everything and anything, even if ...

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