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How to Start Your Residential Real Estate Career

So, you have decided on a career in residential real estate. You are a great communicator, super organised, have an amazing attention to detail, and you love property. You dream of selling multi-million dollar homes or managing a diverse portfolio...


Job hunting tips

Are Years of Experience a True Measure When Applying for a New Job

My partner was thinking of moving on from his current role and in true fashion, he came to me to have a chat about being a job seeker, editing his CV and applying for roles (not that he ever listen...


Job hunting tips

Okay Australia, I’m Here to Work – Please Call Me

Just arrived on a Working Holiday Visa and wondering why your phone isn’t ringing off the hook? First things first……… have you updated your resume with an Australian number? No matter how good your...


Job hunting tips

Oh, It’s All in My Resume

A former colleague of mine notably said, “anyone can say that they walked on the moon, but if you don’t tell me about what it was actually like, I’m not going to believe you!” This is something tha...


Job hunting tips

The Top 5 Most Desirable Employee Benefits

Discover the top 5 most desirable employee benefits Getting paid has traditionally been the main reason for going to work, however, in recent years, employees and job seekers are looking at what be...


Job hunting tips

12 Tips to Kick-Start Your Job Search

Are you kick-starting your job search this year? 2020 as a special ring to it! This could be the year where you make the move to bigger and better things. To get started, I’ve prepared a list of pr...


Job hunting tips

3 Things I’ve Learned Working in the Recruitment Industry

Recruitment isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but then again, I didn’t really know what to expect when I moved from a legal support role into consulting. Having only worked in recruitment f...


Job hunting tips

Five Things to Consider When Conducting Interviews

I was privileged to attend a training program with Ross Clennett recently - “The Advanced Recruiter”. I enjoy Ross’s blogs and many recent posts have focussed on candidates and the best way to inte...


Job hunting tips

Tips for Finding a Job in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

So, you’ve landed in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, blown all your money on travelling, and you’re ready to settle down for a while. Now the small task of finding a job! As I am on a Working ...


Job hunting tips

Top Things to do in Perth this Summer!

With the weather heating up, school holidays and Christmas on our doorstep you might be asking what on earth can we do in Perth in December/January. Well here is a list of my top things to do in Pe...

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