Job hunting tips

Five Things to Consider When Conducting Interviews

I was privileged to attend a training program with Ross Clennett recently - “The Advanced Recruiter”. I enjoy Ross’s blogs and many recent posts have focussed on candidates and the best way to interview them. Having applied the tips suggested, I h...


Job hunting tips

Tips for Finding a Job in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa

So, you’ve landed in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa, blown all your money on travelling, and you’re ready to settle down for a while. Now the small task of finding a job! As I am on a Working ...


Job hunting tips

Top Things to do in Perth this Summer!

With the weather heating up, school holidays and Christmas on our doorstep you might be asking what on earth can we do in Perth in December/January. Well here is a list of my top things to do in Pe...


Job hunting tips

10 Reasons to Visit Brisbane on Your Working Holiday Visa

You have just received your Working Holiday Visa to Australia and are deciding where your first stop will be…. Why not head straight to Brisbane in sunny Queensland? Here are 10 reasons to visit Br...


Job hunting tips

Fun Things to do in December in Sydney

For most of my life, I have travelled the world and have been lucky enough to experience December in many countries. I must admit, not having snow and temperatures in the minus this time of year is...


Job hunting tips

Top Things to do in Melbourne this December?

Melbourne in December, there is nowhere in the world I would rather be! Okay, I may be a tiny bit biased, but hear me out. Whether you’re a foodie, beach lover, sports lover, muso or anything in-be...


Job hunting tips

How to Create an Impressive Cover Letter for a Resume to Wow the Hiring Manager

With the end of the year in sight and it being that classic time that job-seekers generally kick start their job search, I wanted to give you some insightful tips on how you can prepare an impressi...


Job hunting tips

Merry Christmas – From Our Family to Yours

Australia is a melting pot of all cultures and people from diverse backgrounds. Our First Australians saw the events of the Gold Rush, WW1, WW2 and the Vietnam War, resulting in the migration of re...


Job hunting tips

Hello December – New Year, New Me

Happy holiday season! As 2020 is fast approaching, you may notice a decline in recruitment activity as candidates focus on spending time with their friends and family and employers put a halt on re...


Job hunting tips

Don’t Become a No-go by Being a No-show

It’s Monday morning. You’ve been on the job hunt, applying for roles and lining up interviews for the week ahead. Before you know it, you get the call. The call that says “Congratulations, we would...

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