Job hunting tips

Why You Should Come to Perth on a Working Holiday Visa

It’s an exciting feeling, isn’t it? Your visa is finally granted for you to travel and work overseas. It’s a pretty indescribable moment to have it finally in your hands. All of a sudden, it’s real and those months of planning and working have fin...


Job hunting tips

Halloween Career Warnings

Nobody’s perfect. We all make mistakes. I’ve made plenty of little ones and a few big ones in my time. Looking for work, securing work, working, even leaving a job can be a highly emotional and str...


Job hunting tips

I’m Working, I’m Studying, and I’m Trying to do Life! Help!

Managing your day can be trying at the best of times. Add in studying part-time whilst juggling full-time work, and your days can feel almost insurmountable. To put the cherry on top, you have soci...


Job hunting tips

Five Skills Employers Look For in a Contractor

As the engagement of contractors and flexible workforces increases globally, employers are navigating the complexities of assessing skill in addition to behavioural based competencies to identify h...


Job hunting tips

Silence is Not Always Golden

As recruiters we are the intermediary between employers and candidates, each party relying on us to relay messages, keep the process moving forward, and ensuring the desired outcome - a happy clien...


Job hunting tips

Job Interviews: Confidence is Key

If the thought of interviews gives you a sinking feeling in your stomach, you’re not alone! For many, it can be a very daunting and uncomfortable process, sitting in front of the interviewer being ...


Job hunting tips

Interviews: Nine Hacks to Make Sure Your First Impression Counts

Seven seconds. Making a good first impression in an interview is extremely important as apparently, it takes just seven seconds for a human brain to create an impression at the first meeting. That ...


Job hunting tips

Three Pitfalls to Avoid if You Want to Land Your Dream Legal Job

Hiring managers are actively looking for great legal support talent. It’s an exciting time with some great opportunities available nationally so don’t let your dream job slip through your fingers. ...


Job hunting tips

What You Need to Know When Choosing to Be a ‘Temp’

Managing a busy temp desk in the Legal Support area, I see more and more people choosing temporary and contract roles for their ongoing employment. People often choose to temp as they are: in a cit...


Job hunting tips

Keeping candidates engaged in their notice period #SilentPeriod

It's not uncommon for there to be a 'silent period' between a candidate accepting a role and their first day, but it's a vital time to maintain consistent contact. Let me explain why. In the time t...

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