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10 Key Points To Keep A Strong Working Relationship With Your Recruiter

1- Don’t be a NO show Don’t be a no show, whether this is your attendance at your interview/registration with the recruiter or working on an assignment. Not showing up will only have a negative impact for you. If you can’t make your appointment ti...


Job hunting

How To Create A Killer LinkedIn Profile

“It all starts with a killer profile”. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? Congratulations, now you’re one of 450+ million users competing for the attention of recruiters and organisations scouting for...


Job hunting

Conducting Interviews for Neurodiverse Job Candidates

So, you've got a neurodiverse job applicant and you want to assess their fit for your role. How are you going to go about that? Interviews are pretty standard in practically every industry for ever...


Job hunting

No Jobs in Perth? Where Are You Going Wrong?

One of the most common comments heard amongst the Perth population is “there’s just no jobs going at the moment.” All it takes is to open one of the many job seeker websites to notice that there ar...


Job hunting

The Importance of Marketing Candidates Marketing Themselves

Many of the marketing candidates I speak with consider themselves branding experts and marketing strategists – but when it comes to their job search, they fail to see the comparison. The recruitmen...


Job hunting

How Long Will it Take You to Find a Job?

It’s the critical question on every job applicant’s lips, and no recruiter is going to give you a definitive answer because there are simply too many factors in play that affect the process. These ...


Job hunting

Preparing for Your Dream Job Interview

So you’ve secured an interview for your dream job. Congratulations! How are you going to prepare for this interview? No matter how experienced you are at interviewing or how confident you are in se...


Job hunting

‘Tis the Season of the Backpacker

Not only is the temperature starting to rise, leaves returning to the trees and flowers starting to bloom we also start to see the arrival of the backpacker in Australia. Like migrating birds, they...


Job hunting

Check your Resume Before You Hit Send!

I cannot tell you how often this happens, you leave your resume on screen on your laptop or home computer and walk away for a few minutes and your flatmate or boyfriend (it’s always the boyfriend!)...


Job hunting

13 Reasons Why…You Didn’t Get the Job

One of the biggest mysteries to job applicants is why they didn’t get the job. Most rejection letters are generic and don’t provide any detail and it can be hard to get feedback from employers or r...

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