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The Gender Pay Gap – Why is This Still Happening in 2017?

The people2people team have been out and about in recent weeks meeting with hiring managers to share insights on the market and deliver our latest salary and market update report, the p2p post. These conversations are always interesting and it’s i...



Do You Use Psychological Testing?

While gathering data for the 2017 people2people post, the recruitment consultants surveyed line managers regarding their various hiring techniques. During this survey, people2people discovered that...


Job hunting

Preparing Your Referees

So you’ve got through a few rounds of interviews, and your prospective new employer has asked to speak with your referees, so you are in serious contention for getting this new role. You are 90% of...


Sales & marketing

Interview Tips: Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

“Where do you see yourself in five years?” is the interview equivalent of “What do you want to be when you grow up?” and can throw even the most experienced of candidates. But with these four tips ...



The Truth Hurts or in This Case the Lies Hurt

What to do if you’re in a temp role and you need time off for an unconventional reason? So you’ve committed to a temporary role through an agency, and something has happened in your personal life t...



Should You Take a Sick Day, or Not?

As the cooler months start to hit us, we’re not only finding it just a little more difficult to get out of bed on these crispier mornings, but we are also surrounded by cold and flu germs! When one...



Hiring for Cultural Fit

What is cultural fit? You’ve probably heard the word thrown around numerous times, but do you know what is actually means? According to the Business Dictionary, organisational culture is defined as...



Why should HR practitioners spend time responding to those applicants who do not qualify?

I have worked in internal HR and I know just how hard it is for good HR staff to gain traction with line managers in their business. People can see you as ‘fluff’ and ‘airy-fairy’ and basically be ...



Know your rights! 7 Illegal Interview Questions

Preparing for an interview is stressful, there are hundreds upon thousands of questions that you could be asked, and usually there isn't too much time to prepare. Although knowing what your intervi...



My 10 Year Old Daughter Could Do Your Job!

I got this comment on one of my other posts. It's always so heart warming when someone who can't find a job thinks that children and monkeys can do your job. It goes right along with those old favo...

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