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Burnouts in Times of Crisis – How to Stop Them From Happening

Most years feel like they fly by, but as July rolls around, I know I am not alone in feeling worn out and exhausted. Reflecting on the most stressful six months many of us have ever experienced, it’s also hard to believe we still have six more to ...


Employer insights

Is Digitalisation in Business Going to Be the New Normal

As John C Maxwell (No1 NY Times Bestseller) once quoted: change is inevitable, growth is optional. Many of us have continued to daydream on what our lives looked like pre pandemic. However, that is...


Employer insights

Snap Survey Report - In the Midst of a Pandemic

In April 2020, Frog Recruitment and the people2people group sense-checked key workforce areas to obtain a ‘gut feel’ for how employers were feeling about the Australian and New Zealand labour marke...


Employer insights

Perspective of an Experienced HR Professional

We reached out to Mark Lindley, who is an accomplished Human Resources and Business leader with 20+ years international and national experience to give us his thoughts on a few hot topics surroundi...


Employer insights

We Are Consultants Now More Than Ever

Typically, as Recruitment Consultants our days are spent managing high volumes of jobs for our clients whether these are permanent or quick-fill temporary assignments and contract roles. However, i...


Employer insights

Hello HR… How Are You?

It is definitely NO secret that the COVID-19 pandemic created uncertainty, anxiousness, changes (both professionally and personally) and so much more – not just in Australia but globally. Were we p...


Employer insights

Virtual On-Boarding – 5 Tips to Engage Your New Hires

In April 2020, people2people questioned senior managers representing over 160,000 employees and 300 career seekers across Australia to sense-check key workforce areas to understand how employers an...


Employer insights

3 Ways to Keep Your A-Players Motivated

3 Ways to Keep Your A-Players Motivated When a Raise or Promotion Isn’t an Option Almost every business I’ve spoken to is doing it tough at the moment, and all are trying desperately hard to keep t...


Employer insights

Is Going Back to Work Going to Work?

Only a third of your employees are happy to go back to work. As we move from lockdown levels, many Australian businesses will be asking themselves the same question: when do we have the conversatio...


Employer insights

Shazam – and Everyone Is Back in the Workplace

During this time of COVID-19, there has been so much going on – both in terms of activities, opportunities, and emotions. There was not one person that was not affected in some way, shape or form… ...

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