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Victoria’s Labour Hire Licence: What Is It and How Will It Affect Me

Many of you may have heard the term “labour hire licence” over the last couple of months, and you may have thought “what on earth is this?”. When it comes to legislation and any changes, it can be hard to understand what it means for you as an emp...


Employer insights

Building Resilience

Building Resilience, by Abby Jandro from Serendis. "In 2014, I had my first miscarriage. It was a devastating event for me that represented a loss of possibility, broke my belief in my body and sha...


Employer insights

Retention Starts from Day One

After ten years in the recruitment industry, I have seen it all. And the question I get asked most from my clients is, “Tanya, how do I ensure my newly hired staff member stays with the business?” ...


Employer insights

Are You Change Resistant?

Change in the workplace can be difficult, but inevitable, nonetheless. Technology and digitisation have dramatically impacted most workplaces, rapidly increasing the speed of change. Disruption and...


Employer insights

The Benefit of Hiring Temps

The temporary employment market is always booming with candidates. Why the need for a temp in your workplace, you ask? How about - staff on leave, or away sick, a special project, seasonal peaks or...


Employer insights

Supporting Your Employees Through Long Term Illness

I recently had 51 weeks off work. I wish I’d been jet setting around the globe but in reality, the only frequent flier miles I racked up were at my local hospital (believe me, I had plenty of jokes...


Job hunting tips

I’m Working, I’m Studying, and I’m Trying to do Life! Help!

Managing your day can be trying at the best of times. Add in studying part-time whilst juggling full-time work, and your days can feel almost insurmountable. To put the cherry on top, you have soci...


Job hunting tips

Five Skills Employers Look For in a Contractor

As the engagement of contractors and flexible workforces increases globally, employers are navigating the complexities of assessing skill in addition to behavioural based competencies to identify h...


Employer insights

Getting Recruitment Right: Personality Fit Versus Skill Fit

In my experience as a recruiter, I have come across many clients who mention the need for a candidate who is the right “personality fit” or “culture fit”. A candidate’s attitude and personality alm...


Employer insights

Customer Service: Are You Doing It Well?

The customer is always right! How often have we heard those words? I have worked in customer service (hospitality) since my early teens as my parents have run a successful restaurant in Sydney’s Ea...

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