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p2p Expert Series - R U OK?

RUOK day has a really important message about checking in with your family, friends and work colleagues, but sometimes we forget to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves “Am I OK?” Sometimes we need the courage to not only answer the hard ques...


Employer insights

Need New Staff? What’s on the Menu?

Warning – this post might make you hungry! Picture this: You’re at an Italian restaurant and you’ve been craving risotto all day. I’m your maître d’ and I tell you that our kitchen has run out of s...


Employer insights

Are You an Ethical Hiring Manager?

Situation: You’ve had an accident in your car. Thankfully, no-one was injured but your car has been taken to the smash repairer to be fixed. You can’t afford to be without a vehicle so whilst it’s ...


Employer insights

Recruitment: Time Is of the Essence!

I have seen a lot of things change in recruitment in a matter of 24 - 48 hours. The rate at which temporary positions become available and are then filled is particularly fast. Even with a permanen...


Employer insights

Are You an Employer of Choice?

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right person for the role you have advertised, especially if you’re in the market for a specific skill set. As recruiters, our responsibility to our clients is to so...


Employer insights

Wear It Purple - Building an Inclusive Workplace

In 2010 in the US, an 18-year old took his life after being 'outed' as gay by one of his friends. Reports later showed that he wasn’t the only one and many young rainbows were in the same situation...


Employer insights

First Impressions Last: Successful Onboarding Leads to Successful Employees

Depending on the role, the recruitment process can be lengthy. For the final candidate an offer and acceptance are the exciting result of potentially weeks of calls, interviews, testing and hoops t...


Employer insights

Recruitment: We Need the Whole Equation to Provide the Best Solution

What if I asked you to solve an equation but only wrote down one number on a piece of paper? You'd probably ask where the rest of the equation was, wouldn't you? One number on its own doesn't make ...


Employer insights

Workplace - there's no planet B

It is being brought to our attention now more than ever, that we need to make a change to save the planet and we have no time to waste! But what can we do in the workplace to slow down climate chan...


Employer insights

Why Are We Rewarding Job Hoppers?

Networking events were something I was being constantly told about by my partner, friends and work colleagues. So when my colleague sent me an invitation for Auckland Young Professionals I thought ...

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