Career advice

How to Make a Great Start in Your New Role

Congratulations – you have the job! These are thrilling words to hear, especially if you have been through a long and complex recruitment process. Obtaining a new position can be exciting, yet nerve wracking. Take confidence in the fact that you h...


Career advice

Three Tips to Help You Stay Sane in Sales

Working in sales is like a roller coaster. One minute you are having the time of your life, closing sales left, right and centre, and smashing your targets, and the next you are crying into a glass...


Career advice

Turn Your Failure into Success

If you think you have never failed at something you are either lying to yourself or you haven’t really tried anything beyond your comfort zone. Sometimes you need to take risks – and with risk come...


Job hunting tips

What You Need to Know When Choosing to Be a ‘Temp’

Managing a busy temp desk in the Legal Support area, I see more and more people choosing temporary and contract roles for their ongoing employment. People often choose to temp as they are: in a cit...


Career advice

Seven Ways to Grow Your Career

For many, that much sought-after promotion or career opportunity is elusive, but for others, it seems to come easy. What is it that makes people successful in developing their career and achieving ...


Career advice

Transitioning from School to Work: Gearing up for the ‘Adulting’

As I approached the end of my degree last year, the anxiety and nerves of having to find a full-time job hit hard. It was the hot topic amongst my peers as we spent our time on job applications, ph...


Career advice

Sorry Dolly, but Working 9 to 5 is NOT the Only Way to Make a Living

​In this day and age, it has become increasingly common to see people working more than one job (sometimes in completely different industries). This can be done for a variety of reasons and often i...


Career advice

TMI: How Personal is too Personal?

They say honesty is the best policy, and I am a firm believer in that. Talk to anyone who knows me on a personal level, and they’ll tell you I’m a very open and honest person. However, there is a c...


Career advice

Pump It Louder

You might be on the way to work as you read this, or on the way home, perhaps even on the way to that gym session you really aren’t looking forward to. As I got off the bus this morning to walk to ...


Career advice

Likes, Likes, Likes!

Anarchy has struck the social media world with Instagram deciding to hide the total number of likes from public view in six more countries including Australia and New Zealand. This follows on from ...

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