Job hunting tips

Three Trends You Need to Know to Approach the Labour Market

There is no doubt that your life has been turned upside down and thrown into situations no one could have predicted just 6 months ago. We wanted to see just how many people and businesses are in the same boat as you and what the road back to norma...


Employer insights

Perspective of an Experienced HR Professional

We reached out to Mark Lindley, who is an accomplished Human Resources and Business leader with 20+ years international and national experience to give us his thoughts on a few hot topics surroundi...


Job hunting tips

Job Hunting Tips for the Mature Worker

Having had my teenage years in the 1970’s, I can confidently say that I have more of my working life behind me rather than in front of me. But those of you who are in my ‘demographic’ have been thr...


Job hunting tips

How to Maximise Learning and Upskilling

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone and provided more down time/spare time for us all in one way or another: You have unfortunately been made redundant so find you have more time than usual...


Job hunting tips

15 Skills to Have in the Workplace Post COVID-19

Now more than ever, changes are happening in the workplace when it comes to skills. The skills needed to succeed in business, regardless of industry, are constantly evolving to keep up with the eve...


Job hunting tips

The COVID-19 Gap – What to Say in Your Resume

COVID-19 has brought disruption to all our lives, including the career paths for many of us. people2people’s recent Workforce Snap Survey found that 51% of businesses had to make tough decisions wi...


Career advice

A Few (More) Grey Hairs

Being more chronologically advanced than most in the recruitment sector and with some of the disadvantages which go with it (eg: dealing with yet another change in technology, when moving every bod...


Job hunting tips

How to Rebound After Redundancy

It’s no secret, we are in the midst of ongoing turbulent times as many companies throughout Australia and the rest of the world restructure and cost-cut. Hand-in-hand with this, unfortunately comes...


Job hunting tips

4 Things to Consider If You Are Seeking Work in Perth

When it comes to finding the perfect job in Perth, it’s essential to know how the local job market operates. Big cities vs smaller cities can (and do!) have very different approaches. Read on for m...


Career advice

Tips For Working From Home

1) Set up your space with as much natural lighting as possible. Best case scenario, you can see the sky. Not only does this assist with your internal body clock, it reduces eye strain dramatically....

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