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How to Become Your Workplaces MVP in 2020

2020. The first year of a new decade. It feels like we should be able to start again. To wipe the slate clean and look forward with bright eyes and hope in our hearts. So, let’s do it. Let’s make 2020, the year where we think of others and not jus...


Career advice

How Being Hit by a Land Rover Increased my Productivity

On a crisp morning in August, I was out walking my dog Boh early before work. As we crossed the last road of the walk before my house, I looked up and was stunned to see a big dark SUV right in fro...


Career advice

How to Keep Yourself Motivated Going into the New Year

Before our social media feeds get flooded with all those “New year - New me” posts, I think it’s important to ask yourself some important questions about your current performance and how that dicta...


Career advice

Hit the Ground Running in 2020!

At this time of year, people often say, “December is here” “Time to wind down”, “Counting down until the holidays”, “Why not? Everyone else is!” Sure, it’s easy to take the foot off the pedal and r...


Career advice

What Makes a Working Mum a Good Employee?

This topic is a really close one to the heart coz, yep, I’m one of those working mums and proud of it. As a mum, we are faced with “mum guilt” all the time and it’s even worse when we head off to w...


Career advice

Your Next Career Move: Choosing to Work in a New Industry

‘The world is your oyster’. This all too common phrase is often quoted when looking for guidance in your job search. Defining your career path is truly put to the test when considering opportunitie...


Career advice

Beware the Office Christmas Party

It’s Christmas next month. I just had to say that out loud, so you are all as horrified as I am (three kids, no shopping done – sigh). This also means the annual Office Christmas Party looms. Now, ...


Job hunting tips

I am absolutely terrified of losing a job I absolutely hate

'I am absolutely terrified of losing a job I absolutely hate', is the opening line of Maybe the Horse Will Talk, a new novel by Australian writer Elliot Perlman. The protagonist, a second-year lawy...


Career advice

Your Career is not a Race

There is a bit of an old-fashioned view that your career development should be linear. You take a job, get some experience and then step up for either more money or more responsibility. It’s a race...


Job hunting tips

Why You Should Come to Perth on a Working Holiday Visa

It’s an exciting feeling, isn’t it? Your visa is finally granted for you to travel and work overseas. It’s a pretty indescribable moment to have it finally in your hands. All of a sudden, it’s real...

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