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Don’t Tell Your Team What to Do, Show Them

“You’re a teller - you tell people what you want them to do.” This is the response I received when I asked my Director for feedback on my management style. Brutally honest? Maybe so, but necessary for me to hear. The past 18 months in my role as B...



Hey You! Sitting on Your Chair! Get Up!

Exercise is important for everyone but it becomes even more important when you work in a desk job. So why should you make sure that you move more during the day and how can you incorporate that ext...



The Art of Networking: Shut up and Listen

Sometimes I find myself going on a rant about something that is completely unrelated to the original topic of conversation I’m involved with. Afterwards, I ask myself: How often do I do this? Why d...



Are you a Negative Nellie?

In my 20 years of interviewing, the one thing that always comes up is the need to coach candidates around negativity. Even the smallest of comments can sit in the interviewer’s mind and distract th...



Mid-Year Reflections – Have You Set Achievable Goals This Year?

It’s hard to believe half the year is already over! I’m sure I’m not the only one that has said to themselves, “where has the time gone?” Every year millions of Australians make New Year’s Resoluti...



Finding Purpose in Your Work Life

Finding purpose in your work life is almost as important as finding purpose in your personal life. Yes, we all know and we all say that life is too busy these days, that we barely have time to comp...



Career Insights Blog Series - CFO

As part of people2people’s ‘career insights blog series’ we speak with Megan Millman, a senior finance executive with over 18 years’ experience. Megan started her career within a large accounting f...



Break It Until It Works

I think it's safe to say that I'm the tech ‘go-to’ person in the people2people Brisbane office and not because I have a background in IT. No. What I do have is a policy of exploration, of clicking ...



Temporary Versus Permanent Work – Which Is the Right Option for You?

Need a change from your current permanent role but not quite sure where you want to go? Temping can be a great way to diversify your skills without being locked down in a role you might regret. In ...



From Law Student to Legal Recruiter

Picture this – it’s the year 2012, a year 12 girl with braces is watching Suits to procrastinate from studying for her final high school exams. “Being a Lawyer looks awesome!” she thinks. Fast forw...

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