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From Graduate to Sydney Branch Manager

I started with people2people in 2011, as a green and eager graduate. If someone had told me then, that I would one day be leading the Sydney people2people CBD team within 7 years, I would have thought they were having a laugh! Like most, I fell in...



So You Think You Can Temp?

There's a commonly held belief that temping is easy. Mostly, that commonly held belief is wrong. Now I'm not trying to scare you off, or saying you shouldn't temp. I was a temp for people2people’s ...



5 Valuable Skills for Success in the Workplace

Effective time management. In the workplace, an individual has with many deadlines, orders and tasks that need to be completed at a set time. In these situations, time management skills are essenti...



Personal Development Is Necessary for Professional Development

Personal development requires a constant reflection and questioning of ourselves. Who are we? How do we relate to others? Are our ideas about ourselves? All of which requires constant revision thro...



The Links Between Business and Sport

'After every win or loss; we look ahead to next day, re-evaluate tactics and try to improve.' The team securing three points after a gruelling ninety minutes can experience such a satisfying feelin...



6 Career Resolutions You Should Take for the New Year

A New Year, a new start! How many of us welcome the opportunity for change but don’t actually follow through on those promises to ourselves? This year, take stock of your career and hold yourself a...



What It Takes to Make a Great Legal Candidate

The legal market is ever changing and with that, so are the requirements of legal support staff. Gone are the days where churning legal documents and typing at 80 WPM are a necessity. Nowadays, law...



Is It Better to Apply Online or in Person?

I am one of those oldies who use Facebook to stay in touch with my relatives, whilst moaning about how often they send me those ridiculous chain messages. What is it with people in their 60’s who t...



Why Is It Important to Have Transferrable Skills for the Roles I Apply For?

So you are working in a specific role or industry and been in the same role for some time and looking for a change. You’re fed up of doing the same thing over and over and want to have a fresh star...



Stress Less

They don’t call it the silly season for nothing. We’re are getting excited about the Christmas break, planning holidays, thinking constantly about how much we have to spend and making plans for all...

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