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What Are the Reasons for Changing Jobs? A Guide for Employers

We hear hundreds of reasons why people choose to leave their job. And while a number of people think the number one driving factor is the dollars, it couldn’t be further from the truth. While there is no definite number one reason, there are some ...



How to Catch and Retain Pink Unicorns

In an endeavour to build the best company possible, I am in constant search for ‘pink unicorns’ to join the people2people team. The pink unicorn is the most magical of animals and is a metaphor for...



Christmas Party Pros & Cons for Employees: Read Before It’s Too Late!

I love a good work Christmas party. Free food, free wine and the chance to wear a new dress. But, the reality is, we have to be careful letting our hair down at a work party. Because even though th...



Secret Santa…How Not to Get Yourself Fired

It’s that time of year. That very sociable type in the office is organising this year’s Secret Santa and you have drawn a name out of an old Tupperware sandwich keeper. The worst thing is that you ...



It’s the Festive Season and I Need Staff, What Do I Have to Do?

The festive season is a challenge for many employers – just look at the nightmare the Sydney Hills bus company had the day after the Melbourne Cup, when drivers failed to make it into work and comm...



Things to Remember When Returning to Work as a Working Parent

Work is hard. Parenting is hard. Both? Well that, as I am slowly learning, is a whole other ball game. Returning to work is a bit like riding a bicycle, you remember how to do it. Only this time th...



Do You Disconnect?

I am notorious for not switching off. Every holiday or short break I’ve had, I’ve always stayed connected to what’s going on at work and It’s never really phased me, it’s just part of who I am. Rec...



How to hire staff with Aspergers/Autism, Dyslexia or other neurodiverse conditions

THE RECRUITMENT PROCESS The first and typically the last hurdle that most neurodiverse job candidates face is the recruitment process. From sometimes long, repetitive and occasionally ambiguous app...



Perception VS Reality

It’s a dog eat dog world out there, and with over 134 agencies in Parramatta for me to compete with, I have recently realised my work life is now all a game of Survivor - how to play the social gam...



Negative Gearing on Human Capital Investment - Thoughts?

Ok, hear me out – it’s a brain flash I had the other day. The way negative gearing works on property investment is great for generating medium to short term tax losses. The property strategy is pop...

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