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Should I Be Worried If I Didn't Get My Super Fund Payment Made from My Employer?

I have checked my super fund and a payment hasn't been made from my employer. I started work a month ago, should I be worried? This is one of the most commonly asked questions we get at people2people. In Australia, if you earn more than $450 per c...


Ask manda

How Do I Explain on a Resume Why I Left a Job?

I read on your blog last week about someone leaving a job because of bullying. This happened to me too, and I was wondering: how can I explain this on my resume? Sadly, this scenario is more common...


Ask manda

How Do Background Checks for Jobs Work, and Should I Be Worried?

I have just been made an offer for a job I really like, and I have been told that I will now have a background check. What is this? Well, first of all, congratulations! Background checking takes a ...


Ask manda

What Is a Career Mentor, and How Can I Find One?

I was asked if I had a mentor. What is this, and how do I go about getting one? That's a great suggestion and one you should embrace. Basically, a mentor is someone you can run things past, who may...



I'm Temping through an Agency. Who Should Pay My Wages?

I have been temping through an agency, and my manager has said they can pay me directly. What should I do? This is such an unfortunate situation, and whilst a small minority of managers think they ...


Job hunting

Assessment Centres in Your Job Search: What They Are & How They Work

I recently applied for a job, and the ad said that selection would be made through an assessment centre. Can you help? Assessments are a popular, effective and cost effective method of 'volume' rec...


Job hunting

Why Won't Recruiters Tell Me Who a Job Is With?

Have you ever rung up a recruitment agency and had a recruiter withhold information about an employer? The overriding advice I can give you is that it's your job search, and you need to be the one ...


Job hunting

Ask Manda: What to Expect in a Recruiter Interview

I haven’t been into a recruitment agency before. What can I expect? Even though a lot of the administrative requirements can be completed online, face to face interviews are still an integral part ...


Job hunting

Ask Manda: Tips for Calling a Recruitment Agency

What should I say when I ring a recruitment agency looking for work and I'm not applying to a specific job ad? Well, you have started on the right track! Ringing and speaking to someone will assist...


Ask manda

Ask Manda: Meeting with Multiple Recruiters

When I come in for an interview with a recruitment consultant, I was told I may end up meeting a lot of people. Why is that? Lucky you! (And I am not being facetious!) When you come in for your int...

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