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Spice Up Your Virtual Meetings

Elizabeth Punshon Posted by Elizabeth
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As we enter a new year, virtual meetings are unlikely to be a thing of the past. With staff easing back into the office and businesses continuing to offer flexibility and work from home, keeping connected to the entire team will require the use of platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Since moving to a work from home model, our people2people in Melbourne meet virtually a few times a week, to check in on priorities and also to keep the team connected. Rather than having the same mundane structure, we spiced things up mid-year and gave everyone in the team an opportunity to run the meeting and also ask the team an “ice breaker” question. They have been varied in theme; we have had lots of laughs, but it has also helped us get to know each other in a different way.

Here are a few highlights of some of the questions asked last year:

  • Favourite TV show when you were growing up

  • Lessons you would tell your childhood self

  • Name a tragic fashion trend you are guilty of following in year’s gone by

  • One album you would take to a deserted island

  • TV bingeworthy recommendations

  • What are you most grateful for?

  • What food would you eliminate forever?

  • What is your favourite food?

  • What would be your ultimate superpower?

  • What would you do with $1 million?

  • Which celebrity would play you in a movie about yourself?

  • Which colleague would win Survivor?

  • Who was your teen crush?

  • Your favourite local business? After the meeting write them a Google review

Do you have any icebreaker questions you would recommend we ask next? Or if there are other suggestions you have incorporated to keep your virtual meetings engaging and interesting, please share!