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International Women's Day 2021

Marissa Varudo Posted by Marissa
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On the 8 March 2021, people2people as well as many other organisations, will be celebrating International Women’s Day.

This is a day where we celebrate how far women have come on the path for gender equality and to recognise how long we have left to travel to get there.

2020 was tough! Throughout the highs and lows of 2020, we had to rely on each other for support and encouragement. I began my recruitment career in 2019 and have had the chance to work with and learn from some strong and courageous women, many of whom I heavily relied upon for support throughout my first 12 months of being a recruitment consultant.

Within people2people in 2020, there was a strong emphasis on celebrating every win (big or small).

In celebration of this day, I would like to recognise the ‘Wins of 2020’ from some of the empowering women in the Parramatta (NSW) branch at people2people:

“To be honest, there is not one big moment for me. I adapted. I worked hard. I got to spend my time with my family. I got stuff done. I put food on the table, paid my bills, ate too much chocolate. Just like hundreds of thousands of other women out there, I kept as many balls in the air as I could. I laid awake worrying. I tried to give my best to my work and to my family. There were times I failed. There were times I kicked goals. I was lucky and I was grateful every day. Here’s to us – to every woman who did her best in 2020. You rock!”

Lisa Johnson - Shared Services Manager

“I feel proud that I managed to navigate such a difficult year, and so fortunate to work in an inclusive, forward thinking and diverse organisation that understands that ‘work’ and ‘life’ are not mutually exclusive”

Catherine Kennedy – Director NSW

“I actually feel like there were actually a few achievements for me in 2020. Making it into 2021, successfully home schooling three children and continuing to work full time. I believe that we have all grown and supported each other through challenging times and I really applaud that. I walked out of 2020 fortunate enough to have been able to retain a role that I love within a company that I love.’

Julie Luszczynski - Team Leader

“What stood out to me in 2020, was the team that I work with and how they really pulled together to support each other. We navigated the uncertainty as a unit and survived! I feel proud to be part of such an empowered group who celebrated even the smallest of wins and just had each other’s backs when it really counted. So, my biggest win - teamwork was redefined in the best possible way!”

Ariane Riehs - Internal Recruitment & Training Manager

In the year ahead, I have 3 goals:

  • To be invited to grade and gain my blue belt in Brazilian Jujitsu

  • To complete the last year of my degree (finally)

  • ...and to continue to further my career as a Recruitment Consultant for permanent business support roles with people2people.

In 2020 and even now in 2021, I am constantly learning and being uplifted by these empowering women. Along with everything else, these are the main lessons I’ve learnt; always do my best, control what I can control and be myself.

So, I believe I will meet all of my goals in 2021, because within my support network, I have a group of uplifting, forward-thinking and resilient women to help get me there.

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!