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'Hamilton' and the New World of Work

Simon Gressier Posted by Simon
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As I write this, the musical Hamilton has just had its premiere in Sydney, the only stage in the world where the musical is being performed.

As you would know, Hamilton has been an astonishing success, since it premiered in New York in January 2015. The story of one of the United States’ Founding Fathers and also their first Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton, told through song by an incredibly diverse (and phenomenally talented) cast, using Hip Hop, Reggae, British Pop and the more traditional Broadway musical styles. The story of the beginning of the US, told by modern America.

The genius of it’s creator Lin-Manuel Miranda having been inspired by Ron Chernow's biography, is in his redefinition of what a Broadway musical is. He performed the eponymous title song for the first time for President Obama in 2009 at the White House and the audience laughed. But as President Obama said at the Tony Awards in 2016, “who’s laughing now?”

The success of Hamilton has come from using innovation without abandoning every traditional concept. In the wake of 2020 and as we navigate the earlier months of 2021, the world of work has also adopted the Lin-Manuel Miranda creative approach. Those of us who work in an office, are now returning to work in those offices, whilst also enjoying the flexibility of Individual Flexibility Arrangements. A combination of working from home as well as the more traditional office based work. In addition, offices are also starting to ‘look and feel’ different. The need for designated desk (and office) space has been reduced and the fluidity of ‘hot desking’ and storing personal items in lockers, has increased. In fact, offices look more like cafes, operating on a model of results-based performance measures.
So as Covid-19 ensured ‘The World Turned Upside Down’ in 2020, the new world of work we find ourselves in, is the result of a blend of innovation and tradition.

Let’s hope it may lead us to enjoy a ‘Hamilton’ level of success!