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Accountability: My most vital personal value and why it should be YOURS too in 2021

Christina Sclavos Posted by Christina
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I live by my values in both my personal and professional lives.

Accountability is the value upon which I place the greatest value. I uphold this value through leading by example in the way I operate daily. This can include operating with integrity, being honest, being transparent through the sharing of information and ensuring I see through my commitments. By doing so, I believe I have developed a trusted and reliable brand not only throughout my recruitment network, but also within my team, my colleagues and friends.

What does being accountable involve and why is it so valuable in business?

To put it simply, being accountable means delivering on your commitments. Doing what you say you’re going to do.

By demonstrating responsibility in your own actions and decisions, you will build and develop the trust the people around you have in you. You will also be able to ensure you are working with likeminded individuals who equally demonstrate accountability, by providing clear guidelines and expectations.

How can you demonstrate accountability?

There are many ways you can demonstrate this value throughout your day:

  • Seeing through your commitments no matter how big or small they are. For example, calling customers or clients when you said you would or providing training to a team member promptly as you said you would.

  • Leading by example – lead from the front. Do what you are asking of your team, show them you are not afraid to roll your sleeves up and get involved.

  • Sharing information – be transparent with the people around you. If you don’t have the answer, be honest and work with your team or your colleague to arrive at a solution together.

Throughout the recovery phase of the COVID-19 market, being accountable to your commitments and the people around you will lead you to greater results and set you up for a much more successful year ahead and beyond.