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Me Time in 2021

Brooke McKay Posted by Brooke
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2020 was an interesting year. The employers and job seekers I've spoken with during the various Covid-19 lockdowns and shutdowns, believe they have seen increase to their workload. In the people2people 2020 Salary and Market trend report, 41% of employees and employers said they felt a significant workload increase. Research confirmed this finding, with statistics that show we have been working 48 minutes longer and attending 13% more meetings.

While the Christmas and New Year breaks have been great opportunities to catch up again on some 'me time', it’s essential to start 2021 with the right mind set. Luckily Time Magazine has published a list of 'the best of books and podcasts' that we can sink our teeth and ears into over this break.

Here are the links to their suggestions:

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The 10 best nonfiction books of 2020

Some great Ted talks to start the year:

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Remember, make sure to save yourself some ‘me time’ in 2021. Good mental health will make you a better worker.