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Five key elements for a successful workforce when Working from Home (WFH)

Hannah Neilson Posted by Hannah
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We at people2people recently conducted a survey with job seekers and employers to collate our yearly market and salary report. In this report, with the information collated, we discuss the five key elements for a successful and happy workforce.

1. Flexible work hours

Flexible working options have become much more common during 2020. During the COVID-19 lockdown period, many organisations had to move to a working from home structure and have proven that it is possible to work from home, effectively. 91% of employees were sufficiently set up by their employer to work safely at home and moving forward, more and more job seekers would prefer a working from home blend to allow them flexibility.

2. Strong IT systems and support team

There is no doubt that in the early stages of the pandemic, organisations had a few technical issues setting up everyone to work from home. Strong IT systems are so important when you are working remotely, as your only form of interaction and communication is really only online. Whether you are working from home or in the office, you will need a strong IT system and support team.

3. Regular team building

Almost every job seeker I speak to, says team culture is one of the most important things they are looking for in their job search. Team building activities are really a significant component of building relationships with your colleagues. Especially when people are working from home, you don’t have that day-to-day interaction or any social interaction with your colleagues in the work place. A team building activity could range from an afternoon video call catch up to a team social dinner.

4. Flawless Communication

Communication is key. I’ll say it again, communication is key! When working remotely, it’s not as easy to just turn around to a colleague and ask a question or provide an update on a particular task as it is when you are in the work place. There will be, from time to time, a breakdown in communication. There a different forms of communication, however from experience I believe a group chat with your team is quick and efficient.

5. Empathy

Empathy and understanding to everyone’s various circumstances, as each person has different circumstances in how and where they work.