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Feeling burnt out? Get outdoors over Christmas

Jayden Cooke Posted by Jayden
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After the tumultuous year 2020 has panned out to be, countless people are burning out in their jobs.

Being required to swap between working in the office and remote set ups, while maintaining a high level of productivity has caused extra stress and anxiety towards work. From my work recruiting in the legal industry, I have seen many people wanting to break out of their routines and to get back to thriving and progressing in their careers.

Coming into the Australian Summer, it is the perfect opportunity to break the pattern of work and throw in some new activities and even to find a new hobby to reset and focus on yourself. Since March 2020, I have taken up a few new activities which have kept me focused getting through the year and to keep a fresh perspective.

Getting outdoors around nature with some physical activity is a perfect start to resetting your mindset.

A few things I have started to do:

  1. Fishing off the riverbank

  2. Paddling a kayak

  3. Bush walks through the local national park

  4. Organising picnics with friends

  5. Exploring new areas

After purchasing some basic fishing equipment, you are set to throw your first line in the water. Taking the time to relax, sit back and wait for that elusive king fish to bite is a great way to gather your thoughts on how you want to make the next step in your career.

Following the water theme, hiring a kayak form your local boat shed will get you started to set out on the river. Having the fresh air and surprisingly intense shoulder workout is a great way to spend a day of the holidays.

Your local national park is an incredible resource that many people overlook. With plenty of bushwalks, camp sites, BBQ areas and sometimes cafes, there is plenty of different activities to fill your time. Exploring the 'off the beaten tracks' and hidden walks, will bring back your youthful sense of wonder and will give you a few tips you can take back to your friends.

Get out and explore, try new things and get a fresh perspective over the Christmas break. You will come back in the new year ready to get stuck into your job and make that next delayed step, due to the various complications of 2020.