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Will I ever wear a suit again? How working from home has changed my office style

Kellie Chehade Posted by Kellie
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With the news of lockdown restrictions easing in Melbourne, I found myself daydreaming about what life might be like working in an office environment again. I reminisced about the familiar routine of crowded trains, my morning coffee shop and always having to wait way too long for people in the elevator. I thought about my work suits which have been sitting in my wardrobe collecting dust since March 2020.

This caused me to wonder, will I ever want to sit at my desk, wearing a suit for 8 hours a day, again?

At people2people, we have a ‘dress for your day’ guideline and while I mainly work with corporate clients, this has meant I typically wear a suit.

While working from home, I have become used to throwing on some leggings, jeans or trackpants, with a smart casual blouse, or hanging a ‘Zoom worthy shirt’ on the back of my chair. Has working from home since March redefined the way I will shop for work attire in the future? Will I begin to adopt a more comfortable and yet professional work style, post pandemic?

I have also thought about the fact that in the modern workforce, the lines are so blurred between personal and professional environments. Previously, you would come home and change out of your ‘work uniform’, knowing that you were free from the pressures of work, both mentally and physically. No access to work emails or social networking. Now, you might wear the same outfit you wore to work, out to dinner, with your phone and laptop never far from reach. Disconnecting from the pressures of the working day is made more difficult.

Melbourne’s increasing population has made commutes longer and public transport more crowded. Open plan offices, hot desking and a mobile workforce have become more prevalent. Comfort has become a priority.

Whilst there are many styles of work attire which are suitable to where you work, remember, when in doubt in Melbourne, you can always just wear black!