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TALiNT International Annual Recruitment (TIARA) Awards - we’ve been nominated!

Manda Milling Posted by Manda
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The year 2020 won’t be one any of us will forget easily. The total disruption to every aspect of our lives, has been unprecedented in our lifetimes. So, there has been a fair amount of ‘adjustment’ for all of us.

people2people and Frog Recruitment is no different to any other business. So for all of us, it’s been a very challenging environment in which to transact, involving a lot of pivoting, innovation and sheer hard work.

So, we were thrilled to receive a much needed boost to our year, by being nominated for four categories of the TIARA Awards;

1.The Fast Track Software Back Office Support Team of the Year
2.The Best Company for Candidate Experience Award
3.The Recruitment Industry Technology Innovator of the Year
4.The Training and Development Initiative of the Year

Like everything else in this upside down year, the awards' ceremony will be ‘virtual’ and will be held on Friday 13 November. We hope to report back with some more ‘good news’.