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Get ahead of the Competition!

Colleen Deere Posted by Colleen
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In line with an analogy I posted on LinkedIn recently; appealing and desirable job opportunities don’t stay in the market for too long, before they are snapped up.

I likened this to the current Jacaranda season in Sydney, where they bloom in October and then disappear again in a matter of weeks. There is only a short timeframe of opportunity to view the trees and likewise, you can’t waste opportunities in the job market, when you are seeking a new role.

Each year, moving into what many people refer to as ‘the silly season’, I see job seekers starting to slow down their job search until the new year. In fact, this is the time to not take your foot off the pedal if you are serious about your job search. While other applicants and job seekers are deciding not to apply for roles or attend interviews, this is the time you should take advantage!

There are still so many law firms in Sydney hiring before Christmas. Vacancies are being released to us as recruiters and we have interviews happening every week, with job offers being made, contracts signed and successful applicants accepting. One successful job seeker was invited by her new employer to attend the Christmas party, so she can meet the team and feel included from the beginning.

If you are looking for a new role, for whatever reason and you want to move on from your current employer, keep the momentum up with your search, there are a lot of fast decisions being made across the legal industry with legal support roles. Putting it off until next year, means you will be doing what many others will do, which in turn might mean a lot more competition in the job market.

I predict there will be a lot of movement in 2021, as the employment market gains more confidence.

My advice; take control of 2021 as best you can……!