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Lack of Spontaneous Interaction

Kirsten Garrett Posted by Kirsten
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​Conversations that happen in the hallways or kitchens, over drinks on a Friday evening or in one-to-one catch ups foster important decision making. It’s these interactions which often result in creativity and spark news ideas.

Similarly, these interactions can form the basis for mentoring and formal training and development sessions.

With many of our workplaces working virtually and physically distanced, business leaders are finding it increasingly tricky to build collaboration among talented members of a group or to facilitate cross-team assignments needing critical outcomes.

The noticeable absence of small talk between virtual workers may lead to a reduction of innovation and collaboration. These peripheral relationships play an important role in organisational performance, raising and maintaining product quality, building trust and achieving project milestones.

Spontaneous interactions, along with onboarding challenges, productivity vs burnout and workplace reconfiguration, is just one of the “red flags” affecting company culture which is outlined in our latest market report.

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