Let’s get LinkedIn Official

Posted by Colleen
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​Known as the virtual CV, LinkedIn can play a vital part in your professional life.

Listed below are some tips to ensure that you are showcasing your abilities online for all the right reasons.

  • Position Title: This needs to match your CV – if there are discrepancies it may raise some questions. Always ensure this is in line with what your resume states and remembering down the line at reference stage your title needs to be accurate.

  • Employment Dates: Crucial for credibility. Always double-check your dates, if a timeline is not matching up, recruiters, hiring managers and employers will have some doubt at the very beginning of the process.

  • City: Your headline should include where you are based e.g. Paralegal Brisbane, Legal Secretary Sydney. This is for searchable purposes. Also, if you are in the market looking for work and someone in your network shares your profile in a different city / state/ country it is easily seen from the outset where you are based.

  • Skills: Keep these updated, don’t forget about this section and expect your employment history to do the talking. This is important when employers are matching a job vacancy to a profile. If you want to be matched for a role in the very initial stages, trying to get as many skills aligned as possible will be valuable. If you only have e.g. 3 out of the 10 skills this may not be lucrative for your job application.

  • Recommendations: Ask a colleague, a previous supervisor, a peer at University to write some words on your behalf – don’t be shy. Rate and review are so common now in all aspects of life, why not benefit from this in your career. It is seen as a form of a reference already on your profile – we all know how powerful a reference can be!

  • Grow, grow, grow: The more people in your network, the more people you will essentially ‘Link In’ with!  After all, we are only ever a mutual connection away!

  • Articles: Utilise the articles option if you are fond of writing blogs, this will demonstrate your interests, your passions, the industry you specialise in and may generate a talking point.

  • Content: Sharing is caring! This may be in the form of industry news, business updates, interesting reads. Let your personality shine through. LinkedIn now even has interactive polls – to generate a healthy debate, give kudos to a team-mate, celebrate, and spread some positivity online.

  • Interact: Use your platform to engage, a LinkedIn profile that is essentially dormant is of no use to you or your potential employer. Respond to comments, reply to contacts, have that online conversation, you never know where it may take you.

  • App: If you haven’t already – download the App. (As if we don’t already have enough to scroll through!) However, this will mean it is accessible for you to see updates as they are happening in real time. You don’t want to miss out any InMail’s, job postings, industry updates.

  • Photo: Last but certainly not least – your photo, this is your professional headshot. This will be the image that your potential employer, recruitment consultant, hiring manager sees before you see them, make it a positive solid first impression!

When you are applying to a role attaching your CV and Cover Letter – you cannot come to life on a piece of paper, LinkedIn gives you that opportunity to demonstrate you are not just an ‘applicant’ or a statistic. You are a human being, who is worth hiring. Do not waste the opportunity of LinkedIn and the power of this platform.

Lastly, let’s become LinkedIn Official, and add me as a connection - Colleen Deere.