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Common Conversations in the Sydney Legal Support Recruitment Market

James Moore Posted by James
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​These conversations are examples of ones I have been having quite frequently, with both employers and employees.

What prompted them? It’s obvious that there are more job seekers in the market currently, than jobs unfortunately, due to staff being retrenched, stood down or reduced working hours.

Many employers have had a recruitment freeze or are only recruiting for business critical roles.

Jobseekers are asking:

  • Should I even bother continuing my job search? How can I make my CV stand out, given all the other applications that hiring managers are receiving?

  • When are things going to go back to normal?

Employers are asking:

  • How do we motivate staff members throughout this time?

  • How do we stimulate mental strength throughout the firm whilst also trying to keep regular operations?

  • What’s going to happen once this all eases and staff want to keep their working from home arrangements?

It’s evident these questions display the level of uncertainty in the market, however the legal recruitment market remains very much intact and over the past few weeks, we have seen a spike in both more confident candidates and job vacancies.Whilst there is still considerable hesitation in the market frm both employers and job seekers, these questions will not remain as commonly asked for too much longer.

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