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Snap Survey Report - In the Midst of a Pandemic

Mark Smith Posted by Mark
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In April 2020, Frog Recruitment and the people2people group sense-checked key workforce areas to obtain a ‘gut feel’ for how employers were feeling about the Australian and New Zealand labour markets during Covid-19. The survey was both qualitative and quantitative, and covered:

  • Senior managers representing over 160,000 employees.

  • 300 career seekers across Australia and New Zealand.

  • A range of industries that included: health, education, IT, legal, government, not-for-profit, manufacturing and professional services.

There’s no doubt, uncertainty is creating huge angst at this current time. However it’s clear, innovative and future-focused thinking has been at the forefront of respondents' minds. In 2020-2021, employers and career seekers need to adapt and evolve.

Download the Snap Survey report.