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Are Face to Face Interviews Extinct?

Aimee Burton Posted by Aimee
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Despite common concerns of online interviews being awkward and glitches aplenty, will we have no choice but to embrace remote hiring?

Some may question whether incorporating technology into the recruitment process is discriminating on age, however I believe it’s more about eagerness to learn outside of your comfort zone. 

My Grandad, for example, who is close to 80 years old is a whizz on Zoom with minimal instruction and puts most of the family to shame. He has been a builder for his entire life and enjoys his retirement as a part-time Golfer. You don’t need to be brought up surrounded by computers to evolve, but you do need the right attitude.

With many firms fast-tracking digitalisation of their working models, the ‘new normal’ involves regular interaction with clients, customers and colleagues online. It only makes sense to have some, if not all of the interview process online to offer some proof of the candidate’s ability and confidence with technology. By embracing the virtual interview process, candidates can stand out in a growingly competitive market and hiring managers can be efficient, creative and forward-thinking in attracting and hiring top talent. 

Since the pandemic began, I have interviewed tens of candidates via various video conference platforms and hand on heart, there haven’t been any faux pas. 

Several have gone onto secure permanent work with our clients and they offered some of their tips below:

•  “Dress up just like you would for any interview even if they can only see your head and shoulder, it puts you in the right frame of mind.”
•  “Be patient and understanding if there are lags in internet or technical issues. It demonstrates that you are patient even if it feels uncomfortable or annoying. ”
•  “Do a test run with a friend or family member to check that your camera is in a good position and that you can hear properly and be heard.”
•  “ I had written some notes on the firm’s profile, the position and some questions which were in front of me in the interview. I was also able to scribble more notes and questions down during the interview.”

The first impression of a candidate starts for me before I’ve even met them. 

•  Have they arrived to the office 5-10 minutes early?
•  Have they been polite to our Receptionist?
•  Upon meeting them, are they dressed appropriately and do they have a notepad and pen ready?
•  Do they later commit to their actions and follow up accordingly?

The same applies for a candidate who is interviewing remotely. 

•  Do they arrive to the ‘online lobby’ a few minutes early?
•  Are they dressed smartly with no casualwear in sight?
•  Have they set themselves up in a quiet room with no possible distractions?
•  Are they taking notes and asking suitable and relevant questions?

Employers in industries that have been positively impacted by Covid-19 are already embracing online interviews and are reaping the benefits. It is cost and time effective and recruiting now allows them to engage with available top talent without their competition in sight. 

Upon speaking with several clients that have hired via online recruitment methods, they have argued that as long as the interviewer is well prepared, they are able to achieve the same result of a face to face interview, which ultimately, is a sound understanding of the candidate’s suitability for the vacancy. 

To those that have remained stable and are currently preparing their recruitment strategy, kick-starting your recruitment processes online now will ensure your business remains competitive during and post Covid. 

For candidates that are out of employment or seeking their next move in the midst of the pandemic, using these tips to prepare yourself mentally and physically for online interviews will ensure that you stand out amongst your competition. 

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