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Consultants Now More Than Ever

Posted by Colleen
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Typically, as Recruitment Consultants our days are spent managing high volumes of jobs for our clients whether these are permanent or quick-fill temporary assignments and contract roles.

However, in this economic downturn this is not the reality of how our weeks look right now. With many companies only hiring essential roles or having put a ‘pause’ on recruitment, our calls today are more personal than ever before. 

COVID-19 has impacted us all in many ways, especially time. For many, they now have more time available to chat with industry colleagues, peers, family, and friends as a result of either working from home, reduce hours or unfortunate restructures. In our line of work, we live and breathe client and candidate relationships, especially during times like these. 

As consultants, we are a sounding board for both communities by checking regularly checking in to see how people are doing. Lately, I have received a lot of thanks from individuals for simply ‘checking in’ and asking them how they are. Obviously, we can’t always solve the issues they are faced with, but too often, we forget to ask if they are okay and how we can help. One simple call and question can make all the difference. 

There are two elements to my job title as a Recruitment Consultant, and while the recruiting element may not be at the forefront of a typical day right now, using me as a sounding board to consult with is certainly welcomed. I am only a phone call away! 

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