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Shazam – and Everyone Is Back in the Workplace

Leanne Lazarus Posted by Leanne
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During this time of COVID-19, there has been so much going on – both in terms of activities, opportunities, and emotions.

There was not one person that was not affected in some way, shape or form… from: 

  • Stand downs 

  • Redundancies 

  • Reduced hours & salaries 

  • Been shifted from the office to home 

  • Self-isolation 

  • Mental health / wellbeing 

  • Social distancing and so much more 

Talking to a variety of clients and candidates we have seen the transition from complete shock and disbelief to bargaining, anger, and acceptance. A notable shift occurred, where organisations changed their focus to be centred around the wellbeing of their employees by introducing new mental health and wellbeing initiatives. Although now, with the drop in COVID-19 case numbers, the hot topic, is all about how employers can transition and ‘reboard’ their workforce back into the office and the best plan to go about this. 
Each company will have its own strategy to ensure they comply with health and safety standards, for instance, they may:   

  • Get everyone back to a normal work week 

  • Set a date and get everyone to return to the office at the same time 

  • Stagger the returns to help ensure social distancing and the wellbeing of staff 

  • Offer opportunity to return or still work from home 

But I do believe how this process is handled will have a direct impact on the morale and culture of an organisation… if there is insufficient communication and consultation, it could impact the business in the sense that people will explore their employment options the minute the market picks up… 
Another consideration is the opportunity for more flexibility for those that potentially could be looking at exploring options for shorter weeks or working from home… Are you prepared for the discussion around IFA’s? 
Future proof your workforce and brand by ensuring you have a solid strategy to transition teams back to the workplace! 

To help you navigate this ‘reboarding’ process and increase your team's culture and engagement, listen ‘Riding the Waves of Disruption to Recovery’ with Kim Seeling Smith.