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Initiatives Organisations Are Using to Futureproof Their Workforce

Leanne Lazarus Posted by Leanne
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There is no denying that the current situation is challenging and unchartered waters for all of us – there is a lot of speculation and uncertainty, amongst all that hope and solidarity. 

I have been spending my days talking to clients and candidates alike to hear how they are coping (aka surviving) and it has been interesting to see the subtle changes I'm hearing each week.

Last week, there was still a lot of shock in the marketplace – trying to understand what we were dealing with and putting strategies together to try and overcome what we faced.  A lot of the conversations were around how badly a company or team had been impacted and the emotions that went with the transition.

This week, there is a slight shift where companies are now talking about strategies or initiatives they can do within their business to keep teams connected, motivated, productive and loyal to the business.  These conversations are pivotal as it has allowed me to not only listen but provided an opportunity to share these initiatives with other organisations who could potentially adapt them for their business.

Some of these initiatives have included:

  • Pulse survey

  • Wellness Wednesday

  • Team meetings

  • Incentives

We know there will be changes to what was “the norm” for businesses and it will be interesting to see just what the lay of the land will look like moving forward ... But chatting to a few HR professionals in the market, they are also looking at how employers can ‘reboard’ their employees and transition the workforce back to the office when things settle down. This certainly will be another challenge to tackle.

What is your organisation doing to keep your teams connected and motivated – we would love to hear from you.