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The Little Things to Make Your WFH Station Nicer

Remi Marcelin Posted by Remi
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Working from home is an unusual experience for the hundreds-of-thousands of professionals now giving it a try. We're fortunate, during this pandemic, that we have all the online tools and devices necessary to work from home successfully such as laptops, software, and the cloud to make it possible. However, we are also discovering that one of the biggest challenges is actually correctly setting up your work-from-home station.

Work-from-home stations are often makeshift and prone to clutter or interrupting workflows. The key is the little things that can make our work-from-home station nicer and more productive at the same time.

A Clear View

What you see from your desk shapes your mindset. You want to be looking at a space that is tidy, clutter-free and sets you up in the right productive mindset. The funny thing is, that even if the whole room is messy behind you, a clear desk can immediately help shape your priorities and stay on task.

The Right Lighting

Lighting matters. Night owls can feel energetic in a darkened room but most people need natural light to feel energised and focussed throughout the day.  Some people even work better in red or blue light, or it might change based on your mood. The right lighting can also work wonders on your mental health and happiness.

A Chair Cushion

Never underestimate the value of a good chair cushion. Maybe you need a seat cushion to make your home-office chair more comfortable, or a lower-back cushion to help you sit comfortably for long hours. If you're uncomfortable, a pillow is often the solution.

Desk Toys or Plants

If you've put together a perfect, clean, tidy little workspace, then perfection might be your source of stress. Don't be afraid to personalise your desk at home, even if it feels a little silly. Place a card, a toy, or a potted plant that makes you happy to look at on your desk. Desk toys still have their essential stress-relieving qualities, even at home.

Your Favourite Mug

Last but not least, have a cup of something on your desk. Help yourself stay hydrated and claim the new workspace as your territory with a favourite cup or mug. This casual gesture can be the final piece in making your new home-office feel right for you.


Working from home is going to be a different experience for everyone. Whether you live alone, with family, or have pets; you will be building a unique working space and your portal to the entire inter-connected world of other professionals also working from home. Make the space your own, and don't be afraid to let yourself be serious about posture and comfort during your work-from home hours.

Enjoy your work-from-home station and let the space be shaped by your at-home professional style.