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Keep Calm and How to Carry On

Aimee Burton Posted by Aimee
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, by necessity, we’re on our way to being separated and there’s an ever-stronger feeling of disconnection, physically and intellectually. With this in mind, here are five quick tips I’ve learnt from practising yoga and meditation to keep yourself calm in the madness.

1. Remember what you’re grateful for.
Noting down one thing every day can help centre you – it’s always a good start to your day.

2. Think positively.
Have a breather and turn off the news and social media notifications. After a while, it can really bog you down to have constant reminders.

3. Get moving.
There are plenty of short workout videos that can be done at home and this will also help you sleep better. I enjoy Yoga with Adriene and short workouts with Kayla Itsines.

4. Be social.
If you’re in social isolation or social distancing, FaceTime friends/ colleagues/ family to get your daily dose of social interaction.

5. Meditation at the beginning or/and end of the day.
I recommend Honest Guys whose podcasts you can find on YouTube and Spotify. Other popular apps are Calm and Headspace. You’ll be surprised how much calmer you can feel when you centre yourself with meditation.

Finally, and most importantly, please look after yourselves and take care through these unprecedented times. We can do this.

Please reach out if I can assist in any way, I’d more than happy to share more tips. Call me on 03 9098 7433 or email.