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7 Tips to Nail Your Video Interview

Jessica Hickey Posted by Jessica
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With the ever-changing recruitment landscape we are facing. It is now more important than ever to prepare yourself for the digital revolution that we are now adapting to.

Being prepared for an interview via video conference certainly adds a layer of complexity to the standard interview format. Most of the pleasantries are taken away, the interviews are often quicker and sometimes they can be a little awkward if the parties aren’t used to being in front of the camera.

Here are some tips and tricks I’ve picked up during my time in front and behind the camera, to help you nail your video conference interview.

1. Find a quiet space with a plain background – not everyone has a home office, but I’m sure you all have a plain wall you can use as your background. Just like in a movie, your interviewers want to focus on what’s going on front and centre`.

2. Good lighting – now we know not everyone loves a selfie, but there is some truth to the need for a space with good lighting, not only will it make you look your best, but it will also allow your interviewers to gauge your responses and body language a lot clearer.

3. Get comfortable – familiarise yourself with your space and make sure you can sit in the space for an extended period of time. Feeling confident in the space you’re in is a good way to settle those nerves.

4. Check your settings – most importantly, check all your video and sound settings before the interview! There is nothing like technical difficulties to get in the way of your new role.

5. Dress to impress – regardless of your circumstances, always dress appropriately, even if they can’t see your pants! Being in clothing you feel confident in is one way to fake it till you make it!

6. Communication - ensure your communication is clear, confident and that you’re speaking loud enough for the interviewer to hear you. Test your mic before you get started!

7. Arrive early - just like with a physical interview, you want to make sure you find the place ok! We all know technology doesn’t always run smoothly so make sure you get online before your interviewer to check your logins and links work so you can start on time.

Just like in a “normal” interview, making sure you are well researched on the company and the people you will be meeting with, knowing your CV and the job description back to front and having some thought-provoking questions to ask at the end is still a priority.

Getting as much insight on the role/company/managers will give you and your recruiter the best possible chance of landing you the role!

Please continue to look after yourselves and each other as we move through these tricky times.

If you have any video interviewing or career search questions, please don’t hesitate to contact people2people – we’re here to assist.