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Purely Part-Time - Is That Even a Thing?

Brooke McKayPosted by Brooke
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Recently, I’m proud to say, I was awarded the ‘Top Temp Biller of the Year’ from my agency. It’s a pretty amazing feeling to be recognised for the work that has been done and it is even more special as I’ve done it whilst working three days a week.

I’m lucky to work within a great organisation that supports part-time and flexible work.  At people2people, it is about results and outcomes rather than how much time we spend in the office.

I’m often asked how people can make ‘part-time’ work for them and there are a few factors to consider:

Find the right employer

Do they have other part-time workers in the business?  Do they have good systems which allow you to access information quickly? Have they set realistic goals?

Ensure you have the right support around you. In a client facing role like a recruitment consultant, you need to know that you have support staff that have the same service level commitment as you. Spend time training and developing them to ensure they maintain your level of service delivery when you’re not in the office.

Focus on using that limited time wisely

Set timeframes and goals for each task to ensure you can leave on time every day. When you make your time the most important thing, it’s amazing how focused you can be. With focus comes the ability to get your work done within the precious time you have.

I read a great blog from my colleague in New Zealand about how ‘chunking’ your time and being aware of your most productive time of day, can see you accomplish more. The story was even picked up by the local newspaper, the New Zealand Herald.

Right ... I better get back to my time chunking and get on with finding great jobs for people  ... I hope this post helps in some way to encourage others to get a greater work/life balance and find those amazing companies that truly support part-time work.

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