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Leadership Matters at Bunnings

Kim Padmore Posted by Kim
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Leadership Matters

I recently attended the West Australian’s Leadership Matters breakfast at the Hyatt Regency Perth, with guest speaker Mike Schneider, Managing Director of Bunnings. Mike shared insights into how Bunnings has evolved and spoke about his leadership style.

Here are some highlights and my key takeaways: Mike lives by the four ‘H’s of Leaderships – be honest, humble, helpful, and happy. He is the prime example of someone who leads by example. He said that some of the best days he and the rest of the corporate team have had, are when they have their aprons on in-store helping customers. He isn’t precious about his title and said that without disrespect to the role, he isn’t fazed by the title “Managing Director”. He will do what needs to be done to help the team and ensure the success of Bunnings. 

Mike is a true team player. When someone asks Mike what he does, he simply tells them “I work for Bunnings”. He doesn’t have an ego, he doesn’t feel the need to tell people he is the big boss, he talked about how privileged he feels being part of the team. He believes you should treat people how you want to be treated and then some! 

There’s a reason that Bunnings has such a high staff retention rate and that’s because they place such an emphasis on looking after their people and creating a culture that genuinely cares for their employees. Staff at each Bunnings store live by the company values but every location has its own unique culture and identity. They even accommodate grey nomads who want to travel Australia whilst working at different stores as they go. What a great retention strategy for maintaining their ‘older’ workers.

Thanks Mike. I’ve always loved Bunnings and I will look at my local store with new eyes on my next visit.

Kim Padmore is the Director at people2people Perth. If you are looking for a new leadership role or are looking to hire leaders for your business, give her a call today on 08 6160 6201.