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3 Things I’ve Learned Working in the Recruitment Industry

Hannah Neilson Posted by Hannah
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3 Things I’ve Learned Working In The Recruitment Industry

Recruitment isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, but then again, I didn’t really know what to expect when I moved from a legal support role into consulting. Having only worked in recruitment for a short time, I know I have many more things to learn and improve, however, I thought I’d share what I have learned on my journey so far. 

Learn something new every day 

I knew the bare minimum about the industry when I started. I can honestly say, in the time that I have been here I have learned something new, every single day. Not only have I learned new systems and procedures, but I have also developed my people skills and how I interact with others. I have learned how to conduct an interview - what questions to ask and what not to ask, I have learned to listen to other people’s experiences and stories. 

Always pick up the phone 

Yes, everyone searching for a new role has a CV that lists all their previous employment history. And yes, a lot of the time you can tell that they could be right for the role based on their experience. However, one thing I have come to learn is to always pick up the phone and speak with the candidate. 

You cannot judge how someone would communicate or present in person based on a piece of paper. 

Speak to the candidate, understand what’s important and what exactly they are looking for. Gain a better understanding so you can see if they are right for the current position or future roles. 

‘This job is rewarding’ is an understatement 

From the moment you make contact with a candidate, through the interview process to when the offer is made and the contract is signed. Of course, it is not always easy and unfortunately, you cannot help everyone. One of the reasons I chose recruitment as a career is because I wanted to do something where I can help people in their life. Changing your job or career is a huge decision. There’s no greater feeling than being a part of someone’s journey. 

I am hoping my three pointers can help you if you are thinking of making a career change and stepping into the recruitment industry, I would highly recommend and I haven’t looked back.